Product-Specific Terms and Service Description


Preamble has been the independent evaluation portal for service providers and dealers in every industry for over 10 years. From the newly founded company to the world market leader, we offer our customers professional evaluation management that creates trust. As one of only 30 official providers worldwide, we have a direct interface to Google to enable the display of ads-relevant seller ratings.

This document contains the service description and supplementary terms of use for the package “PROFESSIONAL” from

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of AUBII GmbH (hereinafter AUBII or apply to the use of the service in general and the evaluation seals and tools in their current version, which can be accessed here.

Scope of services

In the package PROFESSIONAL included are the following features, tools and functions. Additional services are displayed in the account.

Top Features

Number of domains / outlets 1
Reviews per month max. 500
Evaluation management (arbitrations) per month max. 5
Google Ads Sterne
Number of External Portals (All-in-One) max. 7

Additional Services

Customer support by e-mail & telephone
Industry-specific evaluation criteria
Collect offline reviews (QR code)
Evaluation seal for advertising material
Controlling the rating option on the profile page


Review Collector
Plugins for integration into CMS & shop systems
Company presentation editor on profile page
Seal colors suitable for your own design
Mailing tool for sending review requests
Facebook Integration

Service description

Customer support

You can take advantage of extensive customer support via email or phone. The experts are at your disposal personally.


There is no limit to the number of review prompts generated. Your review profile will show reviews up to the maximum number included in the package. The seal will be given a rating as soon as you have received the first ratings on

Each new rating can be called up individually via your profile page, i.e. a separate page is created for each one that can be included individually in the search index by Google. This has the advantage for you that with each new rating, the chance of being found at the top of Google increases.

AUBII will regularly update the overall ratings on your profile page, at the latest after each new rating received by The seal for your website is updated several times a day.

Reviews Collection Guidelines

When sending a review request (or otherwise asking your customers to leave a review for you), please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • It is not permitted to offer your customers financial incentives of any kind for writing a review.
  • These incentives include primarily, but not exclusively
    • Gift/Voucher Cards
    • Discounts for future orders
    • Anything else of monetary value
  • Failure to follow these guidelines can result in significant penalties and negatively impact your visibility and ranking on Google, particularly the display of your Google Seller Ratings.

(See Google Seller Ratings guidelines here in its current version.)

Review management

The experts at actively support you in collecting good ratings. However, there is expressly no entitlement to good ratings. adheres to the Evaluation Code (current version here.).
If a reviewer has a complaint, you can use the private message feature to contact them directly and try to reach an agreement. You also have the option of leaving a public comment to describe your point of view.
Reviews are published automatically after 7 days, but you can also publish them immediately.
If you do not reach an agreement despite personal communication, you can call in the experienced experts to moderate the arbitration. It suits you PROFESSIONAL-Package a monthly arbitration quota available, see “Top Features”. The arbitration process relies on mediation between the person making the assessment and the company being assessed. Nevertheless, there are reasons that can justify deleting the rating. This includes, but is not limited to: inappropriate communication, misleading content, advertising and content that is adult, dangerous or illegal. If the reasons for conciliation are not clear, your cooperation is required. If you do not respond to inquiries in this regard, the conciliation process will automatically end after 14 days.

Integration of ratings from other portals

As part of the PROFESSIONAL package gives you access to the so-called all-in-one function. You can refer to ratings from other portals in your rating seal and have them taken into account in the overall rating. The prerequisite for this is that you only allow ratings to be attributed to you that refer to the identical legal person / entity and that match the operator of the website on which the rating seal is used. The list of supported portals is available online here. You are responsible for misuse. Therefore, check whether it is really your ratings that should be taken into account and let us know in good time if there are any changes to the legal entities being rated or the user of the rating seal. Only clearly assignable ratings from the overview page of one's own profile from the respective portal are used. The ratings from other portals are displayed on as soon as you have received the first rating on and are editorially updated weekly.

A further prerequisite for the consideration of ratings from another portal is the consent of AUBII. If the consent to the consideration of ratings from one or more portals is omitted, AUBII will inform you about this. If, for example, another rating portal ceases its service, AUBII cannot assume any liability for this.

Additional conditions

Experience has shown that the effort of our support for you increases with your success (e.g. due to increased inquiries in customer support or even due to the stress on our servers), that stands PROFESSIONAL-package is available to companies with sales of up to EUR 5 million per year and a maximum number of 500,000 page impressions (page views of your seal or your profile) per month. If you exceed one of the two criteria, you can upgrade to the next higher package.
AUBII reserves the right to adjust the prices for the booked package by a maximum of 5% p.a. in accordance with the general price development.

Term and Billing

The minimum term of the package is twelve months. The regular notice period for the package is four weeks before the end of the term. After this period of notice has expired, the package is extended by a further twelve months. The package is extended by the same term at the same price until you cancel in good time. The right to terminate for good cause remains unaffected.
Once the termination time has been reached, you are no longer permitted to display the seal on your website. This applies both to the dynamic variants and to graphics.


You will receive these services at the price specified during registration. The price does not include sales tax and, if applicable, a set-up fee and/or surcharge for additional features. Depending on the selected payment method, discounts or other fees can be taken into account.

Depending on the country in which the company is located, different payment methods are available. In Germany is currently Purchase on account and direct debit via SEPA possible. In the case of direct debit, the customer authorizes AUBII to collect all fees incurred as part of the contractual relationship.

Terms of payment

The fees owed for the services provided by AUBII are due immediately after conclusion of the contract. Payment in advance and monthly payment can be agreed. The fees are based on the current price list (category "Prices and Services"), which AUBII determines at its reasonable discretion.

AUBII sends an electronic invoice by e-mail for each payment transaction. If the customer requests an invoice to be sent by post, AUBII can charge a fee of €2.50 per invoice for this.

If the customer defaults on payment of one or more installments or parts thereof, AUBII can block services for the customer concerned. AUBII is only obliged to unblock the services once the outstanding claim including dunning costs etc. has been settled in full.

If the customer is in arrears for two consecutive months with the payment of a not inconsiderable part of the remuneration or in a period longer than two months with an amount that corresponds to a monthly fee, AUBII can terminate the contractual relationship for good cause without observing a deadline quit. An important reason for termination without notice for AUBII is also given in particular if insolvency proceedings against the customer's assets are applied for, opened or the opening is rejected for lack of assets.

In the event of a delay in payment, AUBII can charge processing fees of €8.50 plus any bank charges for each unauthorized returned direct debit. The customer reserves the right to prove that no damage has occurred or that it is significantly lower.

If the customer's account does not have the required funds for direct debit, the bank holding the account is not obliged to redeem it. If it is not possible to carry out the direct debit procedure from a current account (e.g. for customers based abroad), the customer undertakes to grant direct debit authorization from a credit card account. The objection to a direct debit does not constitute a withdrawal of the direct debit authorization.

If the customer is more than seven days in arrears with the partial and/or full payment of a due installment, the entire outstanding amount is then due for payment. A reminder fee of €10.00 will be charged to the customer for reminders required after the default has occurred. In the event of an unsuccessful reminder, AUBII will leave the claim to a collection service and/or lawyer for further collection of the claim, which can entail significant additional costs for the customer. The customer agrees that payment for AUBII's fee-based services can be processed via a service provider commissioned by AUBII (e.g. e-payment provider, factoring partner).