We are a pleasant and versatile team. It is important to us to provide more transparency and trust in online shopping. It is not surprising that we also often find ourselves searching for customer ratings when searching through online shops, because feedback from other customers has become an integral part of online shopping. Reliable rating badges help customers orientate themselves, because consumers want to know what kind of supplier they are dealing with. Companies that can not provide any testimonials on the Internet are increasingly dubious and have less chances to compete in the market.

Who we actually are?

EXCELLENT.ORG was founded in August 2018 and is a registered Trademark by AUBII GmbH, which also operates the successful German review platform AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG since 2011. With EXCELLENT.ORG we are proud to offer you a review platform with the experience from several years of review marketing, made in Germany. Benjamin Gemmert was appointed Managing Director in May 2016 and has been supported by Thomas Honold as an additional Managing Director since August 2018.

It has always been our purpose to achieve a creditable appearance by online shops with real customer reviews which provides more security for customer. But that is not all. Customer focus is very important to the company. That’s why we offer our clients different packages as well as different types to contact us.

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