Full bags after the Christmas business on the website

Is your website ready for the Christmas business?

Muddy shoes, christmas music on the road and in the stores, in the warm winter coat in overcrowded department stores on the search for a grandiosen gift idea for family and friends – this may belong for some simply to it, to the annual christmas stress but the majority of the presents is ordered meanwhile relaxed from at home on-line. Now you may think: But it’s only the beginning of November and the real Christmas mood hasn’t even begun. This much can be said: You shouldn’t take too much time to let the long-awaited Christmas mood sink in on your website, because the great gift madness has already begun online. We have a few last minute tips for you on how you can make your website more attractive for your customers and thus profitable for you.

1. Content

Once you’ve decided on your Christmas favorites on your website, it’s important to showcase your customized content. Producing content is an effective marketing measure, which you should pursue and use not only during the Advent season, but all year round. Since many customers in the pre-Christmas period often do not have a clear idea of your perfect gift, you often simply want to be inspired by products and ideas. Therefore, it is especially in this time to produce more content, such as a blog or image and video content. You can create incentives for new gift ideas and at the same time highlight your own products or services in an exemplary manner via hyperlinks or product presentations.

2. keywords

During the content production phase you should definitely look into the use of keywords. For the written part of your content, you should not only focus on „short head keywords“. Although these will bring more traffic to your website, they do not necessarily ensure a good organic ranking. So don’t forget to include „long tail keywords“ when writing and producing your content. With these you can also attract the user’s attention with a specific search and thus increase the probability to seal the contact with a sale.

3. design

The right content should of course be accompanied by the right design. However, the motto „a lot helps a lot“ does not apply here. A creative design that is adapted to the store, the products and actions is the way to the goal. Depending on the online store, a Christmas design adapted to the brand, whether small elements or a Christmas offer highlighted in a pop-up, can leave a positive and Christmassy feeling with your customers.

Friends check their laptops to see if the website is ready for the Christmas season.

4. actions & campaigns

What should definitely be a part of your website during the Christmas season are actions. Whether discounts on a certain part of the assortment, purchase 3 – number 2, or other special Christmas promotions. These can also be different price reductions packed in a virtual Advent calendar or different actions for the upcoming four Advent Sundays. A classic example of a marketing campaign is the newsletter campaign. For example, you should select a special offer that has been made sure that the product is in stock and available. In the case of the newsletter, you should also take into account that certain design elements of the newsletter are reflected on your website and vice versa. This gives the customer a recognition value and also helps them to find their way around more quickly. But other campaigns can also be interesting for you in the pre-Christmas period. You should not be sparing with social media campaigns or actions during this time of year. Here you can once again address a different target group than you might do with your website. In addition, you can actively involve your customers in surveys, competitions and posts for linking, which means that they will deal with your company, offers and products in the short term or possibly in the long term afterwards.

We have already prepared a step-by-step guide to your perfect content marketing strategy for you here.


However, in view of the stressful and busy Christmas season, it can be said: Don’t forget quality in addition to quantity! Concentrate on one or two large, well thought-out actions. Because even if all conceivable measures can generate more Christmas traffic on your website, the foundation for a good marketing measure in abundance of content should not be lost – namely the reference to your own industry and brand. An online store for decoration articles can take up the topic Christmas in a much more special and intensive way than a pharmacy, for example. The question of the target group and their needs is therefore also an important factor, which should be clarified beforehand. How you can best analyze your target group and thus get to know your customers even better, you can read here. Furthermore, questions such as „Can I fall back on already successful actions and measures from previous years?“, „Which elements best convey the feeling we want to transport?“, „Does our action improve the traffic on the website without affecting the functionality?“ should definitely be answered in advance. We wish you good luck and much pleasure in designing your website for Christmas and planning your activities!