Featured Snippets – top position or zero number?

1st place in Google search results – the goal of all SEO managers. But how would it be to be ranked even higher than the first place? How to do that? Featured Snippets is the solution. What this is and how it works we will show you in today’s blog post.

What are Featured Snippets?

A featured snippet is a highlighted search result. The position of the Featured Snippet is called position 0. Google wants to provide better search results to its users through featured snippets. Information should be available even faster and more directly, since the answers are already displayed in the search results. Featured snippets are particularly practical and time-saving for mobile searches, as it is often not even necessary to click on the website.

Which Featured Snippets are available?

Anyone who regularly researches the Internet knows that there is not only one type of Featured Snippet. In the following, we will introduce you to the different types of Featured Snippets:

  • Text Snippets
    Text snippets display one or more sentences of web page content as a summary in a box. The title and URL are located – as with all Featured Snippets – below the text. Often a matching image is also displayed, but it does not have to be from the same page. Since Wikipedia in particular has a high trust, many text snippets in Germany come from there.

  • Video Snippets
    Video snippets show a large video thumbnail including the video title. This result is taken from the video search, usually the video on first place. Currently, almost exclusively YouTube videos are displayed in this form.

  • List Snippets
    List snippets are often displayed when searching for instructions or checklists. List snippets are divided into numerical and non-numerical lists. For example, a prescription is displayed as a numerical list, symptoms of a disease as a non-numerical list.

  • Table Snippets
    Tables appear, for example, when several dates are available as responses. Certain words in search queries, such as „comparison“ or „which“ questions often lead to answer boxes in table form.

How can you create a snippet?

If you are now waiting for detailed instructions on how to make it to position 0, we are sorry to disappoint you. Google decides independently which results are displayed as Featured Snippet and which domain is used for it. The algorithm also decides whether a result is displayed at position 0 at all. So you can’t really create Featured Snippets.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of to increase the probability of a Featured Snippet being displayed at position 0.

1. find an already existing Featured Snippet and conquer it
If you appear in the top 10 search results for a search result for which a featured snippet is already displayed, you have a realistic chance of reaching position 0 in that search result. This is because Google will show you that your content is already classified as relevant for this topic. It does not matter whether you appear on position 1 or on position 10 of the search.

2. integrate the exact keyword and provide answers
Be sure to include the keyword for which you would like a featured snippet or the question to which you provide an answer in the headline and in the text. The first three lines are best for the most relevant information. Internal links to a URL with the keyword tend to increase the relevance of the target page for the respective keyword.

With text snippets, a precise answer to the question asked is usually used. This answer is extracted from a text block on the website. In order to increase the probability that your website will be used for this, it is advisable to formulate short and easily understandable sentences and to avoid nested sentences. The more trustworthy your content is, the higher the chance that it will be used as a featured snippet.

3. google loves lists, tables and images
While it is not mandatory, HTML list elements support the chance to be output as list snippets. To select your content for a table snippet, this table must exist on your website.
A list or table snippet will display a maximum of eight items. Therefore, the probability of users clicking on your page is increased if your list snippet contains more than eight points.

It is also recommended that you provide the appropriate image for the keyword or question you are aiming for. Otherwise, Google may use this image from one of your competitors and you may miss this opportunity to attract even more visitors to your website.

Why Featured Snippets are so popular

We’ve already written it: Especially with the increasing spread of Voice Search, featured snippets are becoming more and more relevant. With a voice search, a list of search results is no longer delivered, but exactly one result is read out. And if a Featured Snippet is available for a question, it will most likely be used to answer it.

A Featured Snippet attracts a lot of attention just by its presentation and thus ensures the visibility of your content. This in turn can ensure that more users are made aware of your website and visit it.

Are there also reasons to do without Featured Snippets?

For some search queries, the answer in the Featured Snippet is already sufficient. In this case, users are unlikely to click on your site and you will lose possible traffic. This is especially the case with search queries that can be served with a concise and simple answer. For larger queries, the content of the Featured Snippet is only used as an introduction before the website is searched for further information. If you do not want your content to be used for Featured Snippets under any circumstances, you have the option to deactivate it. Simply integrate the tag <meta name=“googlebot“ content=“nosnippet“> on your page and prevent your content from being displayed as Featured Snippets. But remember: If you give up position 0, someone else may occupy it. Even if you don’t generate any traffic, you will still attract attention and increase your profile.


Google wants to use the Featured Snippets to provide users with quick answers that answer a question clearly and directly. That’s exactly how your website texts should be structured: clear, unambiguous and short sentences instead of long, complex nested sentences. If you follow a few optimization guidelines, Featured Snippets in Google search results offer many new ways to increase the visibility of your website.

Featured snippets are certainly not the most important step in search engine optimization, but you should be aware of the importance of using featured snippets when you’re working on your website.