Excellent.org talks about dogs in the office and gives reasons why there should be more four-legged team members, the picture shows a dog on an office chair attending a meeting

Dogs in the office – A plea for more furry team members

Loud barking and lots of distraction – doesn’t sound like the optimal conditions for productive work. Or maybe it does? To coincide with World Dog Day on October 10, 2020, we at EXCELLENT.ORG have put together a few reasons that speak for an office dog (or even several of the four-legged friends). Which advantages dogs bring with them in the office and why they are beneficial for productivity, we will explain this week.

Dogs in the office?

Often dogs are not welcome in the office or even forbidden. Many associate the four-legged friends with a lot of distraction, loud barking and a strong smell. It is often argued that a dog is a private matter and has no place in an office. Also a requirement on the part of the employees to bring the own dog into the office does not exist.

More and more employees pay attention however with the choice of the job whether dogs are welcome. And more and more companies are discovering the many advantages that dogs can bring to the office. Also in our office, up to three of the four-legged team members cavort on some days and always ensure a good mood. Now that most of our team is also in the home office, we miss our four-legged friends more often.

#1: Dogs reduce stress

When dogs are petted or time is spent with them, the binding hormone oxytocin is released. This ensures that the stress hormone cortisol is broken down in the human body. Dogs in the office have been proven to reduce stress levels. Blood pressure is lowered and employees are more relaxed.

With a lowered stress level, the concentration of the employees is often better and tasks can be performed more conscientiously and better.

Excellent.org talks about how dogs can increase motivation, the picture shows a dog on an office chair

#2: Dogs bring a good atmosphere into the office

In addition to a lowered stress level, dogs also ensure a good mood in the office. From our own experience, we can confirm that everyone immediately has a smile on their face when they see our four-legged team members. Also in the breaks, dogs provide for an exuberant mood and thus strengthen the recovery. So you can start the second half of the day full of energy and in a good mood.

#3: Dogs strengthen the team

Dogs also further strengthen the team spirit and enrich the bond between them. As soon as dogs are in the office, there is a different dynamic among colleagues. There is laughter when dogs do something funny and joint discussions arise. So not only do dogs create a better basic mood, they also help to strengthen the bond between team members.

#4: Dogs motivate

Dogs contribute to a good working atmosphere, promote good spirits and increase the motivation of the employees. Due to the reduced stress level and a good basic mood, employees have a higher energy level. They approach their tasks with more fun and drive and the increased motivation can be reflected in the work results.

#5: Dogs are an important factor in job selection

If a company allows dogs in the office, a decisive competitive advantage as an employer can be created. Meanwhile many people pay attention with the job search to whether the employer permits also dogs in the office. If this is not the case, this job (and the company) is excluded. In this case a company can miss out on important talents.


Dogs can bring a lot of positive things into everyday office life. They radiate a certain calmness and create a pleasant atmosphere in the team. Nevertheless, some rules as well as sufficient communication are necessary for a successful work. For example, some people react allergic to dog hair or have great respect for dogs. In these cases it must be ensured that undisturbed work is still possible and that everyone feels comfortable.

Excellent.org speaks on World Dog Day about the advantages of dogs in the office, the picture shows a graphic with the three office dogs at EXCELLENT.ORG