Customer Interview –

Have you always wanted to enjoy strawberry ice cream, banana milk, sweet apple crumble and pistachios macarons without a guilty conscience? Then it’s worth taking a look at Whether unusual scents, like Pina Colada or more classical scents like Lavender – here you will find scented candles for every taste. And also with the next gift search you should pay the Onlineshop absolutely a visit, because even for people, who already have enough candles, offers aromatic smell wax for the flameless smell benefit. If we tell you now that there are surprise candles, in which a glittering 925er silver decoration is hidden, you will perhaps get a little decision-making difficulties. Or you can simply give yourself a present. In any case, you now know where the online shop gets its great name from.

In our interview today, Patrick Preidel, managing director and founder of, tells us many more exciting things about his „FairCommerce“ company. We from AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG and EXCELLENT.ORG are totally thrilled about and have packed our online shopping baskets right after the interview – after all, you can never have enough candles. Especially in wintertime it is all the more cozy with the scent of delicious cinnamon, hot chocolate or the „Christmas Miracle“.

Dear Mr. Preidel, we are very pleased to have this interview with you today. And as a special highlight, in addition to the interview, we have also prepared a joint competition. But before we get to the great surprise of the competition – would you like to briefly tell all readers how your company came into being and what you have to offer your customers?

We, above all my wife Susanne and I (Patrick Preidel), have been working in the room fragrance industry for more than 15 years. Since 2012, we have been running our own online shop with a small team and a large selection of products related to room scenting. There are many great products and the desire to produce an own line according to the very personal quality requirements, became bigger and bigger. So in 2017 we dared to jump into the cold water and started with a glitter candle. In addition to high-quality raw materials, which we use for our products, our customers get one thing above all: a product that is 100% handmade in Germany. Every single candle is planned and manufactured by our team from beginning to end, this concerns the design, the procurement of the raw materials and the manufacturing process. We do without mechanical processes and rely on classical manual work. In this way, we can ensure that each of our products is of high quality. We do not produce mass-produced goods, but high-quality products and each of our products smells wonderful right up to the end. Our customers also have the opportunity to take part in the ongoing development of our products and, above all, to participate in the process. We are personally involved in this exchange with our customers.

On Facebook has more than 3000 like information and on Instagram more than 1000 subscribers. How do you inspire your fans and followers again and again?

We’re very proud of Instagram and Facebook which should be a lot more fans and followers by now, especially because they are real fans of our products. In addition to our new products, we also occasionally show small insights into our everyday lives, there are competitions and here and there a live video with us personally. We want people to see who’s behind the products they buy – that’s very important to us. After all, we live from our customers and are dependent on their opinions, their criticism and of course we are also happy about their praise.

This is exactly why you have probably decided on a seal of approval. You have been using AUSELZEICHNET.ORG for almost 4 years. What convinced you to use our seal to collect customer ratings?

In online trading, trust is the most important thing. The problem is often that you don’t see or know your counterpart and what could be more obvious than to find out about a company in advance? Does the shipping time fit? Is the goods okay and is the customer service correct if I have a problem? All this can be understood by our customers by the evaluations on AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG of customers who have already bought from us.

How do your customers react to evaluation requests? And what tools do you use to collect reviews?

Our customers receive an e-mail from us with a request for evaluation after the product has been sent. So far we have not received any negative feedback. If someone has made good experiences, then he will probably be happy to pass them on to others. 🙂

Definitely. Has customer feedback already helped you to identify your own strengths and potential?

Absolutely. We are always interested in improving things, optimizing processes and want to see if the decisions we already made were correct. Through the evaluations, we always have a look at the opinions of our customers.

That sounds good. What other advantages have there been for your company since your use of AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG?

There is a great gain of trust from buyers who are not yet quite sure whether they want to buy from us. The seal on our site shows them that with us they have a serious partner at their side on whom they can rely.

We are very pleased to hear that, because trust, as you have already said, is one of the most important things in online shopping. But now back to your products. Every single glitter candle is 100% handmade and unique. Which concrete characteristics are important to you in order to distinguish yourself from the competition?

Quality. Clearly. We do not want mass products. We decide individually what is desired and what is not. We are very responsive to the needs of our buyers, which we can of course do unlike many others, because we produce ourselves. Everything simply has to be harmonious. From the product to the dispatch we would like to make a positive purchase experience for our customer possible.

We thank you very much, dear Mr. Preidel, for this exciting interview!