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It’s all in the content – 5 creative ideas for even more meaningful customer reviews

The new year is starting like the old one ended: primarily online. Trade on the Internet is booming, as confirmed by the Federal Statistical Office. So it’s all the more important to refresh your own online presence and collect new customer reviews. After all, potential customers attach great importance to the experiences of previous buyers and are thus more likely to be convinced by the company and its products. And even those who have already diligently collected feedback in 2020 should not rest on their laurels. That’s why, true to the motto: „New year, new reviews“, we show 5 creative ways to generate lots of customer reviews in 2021 as well.

1. Surprise the customer

Very satisfied customers are more likely to write reviews than those where everything went „as expected.“ So why not surprise the customer. Useful goodies and small attentions increase satisfaction and leave a positive perception of the company with the buyer. No matter whether as a special action or permanent element. Even small extras can increase customer loyalty. This also increases the willingness to recommend the company to others, if not to buy again. In this way, it is possible to win over particularly satisfied customers as brand ambassadors, who also increase awareness of the company and not only give a rating in the form of stars, but also describe their positive experiences in the text. Such reviews are considered more trustworthy by potential new customers.

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2. Do something good

The „reward principle“ can also be used for reviews. Although it is not permitted to offer the customer financial incentives for submitting a review, there are still opportunities to thank the customer for a review. Especially in difficult times, small acts of kindness are a welcome change. So why not just donate. Especially charitable organizations can often use every penny and at the same time you do something for your own image and attract positive attention from customers. This can be done creatively. Depending on the company, the good deed can be customized, because the selection of donation options is large. This method is particularly suitable to collect the very first customer reviews. One can determine here the quota for donations per evaluation itself. But be careful: stay true to yourself and your company. Look for an organization or project that your company can get behind and whose values you also represent. Feigned interest will not go unnoticed by the customer.

3. Refresh the feedback email

Maybe not the newest idea, but definitely a useful feature: feedback emails. Email campaigns are an easy way to generate many reviews. Moreover, this process can be easily automated with AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG’s mailing tool, for example, and thus creates little work. If you already send out mails asking for feedback and ratings, you can give them a new look. It should be ensured that the customer is addressed as actively as possible. If you ask specific questions, you are more likely to get answers than if you use general phrases and generic phrases. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t beat around the bush, but should get to the heart of the matter briefly and succinctly. In addition, the right time should be taken into account. Of course, the product must have already arrived at the customer’s or the service must have been received, but not too much time should have passed since then. However, anyone who wants to send such e-mails must bear in mind that, for data protection reasons, this is only possible with the prior consent of the customer. Therefore, the customer should already be asked for consent at the time of purchase, otherwise there may be legal consequences.

4. Customer satisfaction is the key

Who would like to collect good evaluations, which must provide for content customers. If this is sometimes not successful, a negative rating can be the result. But this can also be remedied. Personal contact and taking the customer’s complaints seriously are the be-all and end-all. One phone call can set a lot in motion. If you make an effort and work in a solution-oriented manner, you will also be in the customers‘ good graces. Actively addressing a rating and providing feedback to the customer often leads to a change in the rating. Not infrequently to an improvement. With surveys to the satisfaction with the commodity or the service an overview of the general tendency picture can be obtained (how that can function in point 5). Thus, in case of a bad rating, individual follow-up can be done directly – good support ultimately leads to happy customers. Customers with a positive rating can in turn serve as brand ambassadors.

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5. Creative pop-ups

When things have to happen quickly: Then pop-up windows are the right choice. With a pop-up, you can quickly and easily draw the attention of customers and users to certain topics. With just one click, an action can take place. There are different types of applications: Be it the possibility for users to ask questions, provide information as a service feature or ask directly for a rating with the help of the windows. With the latter, you not only save yourself effort, but also enable the customer to give a rating in a timely manner. Through plug-ins, pop-up windows can be easily and individually designed for the website. But beware: Pop-ups can also be a deterrent, especially if they are too present and engaging. Placement and design are an important factor when designing windows to ensure the most positive user experience and also the best possible results on your own behalf. Pay attention to how you yourself react to pop-ups and integrate your insights to give the customer the best experience possible.


Regardless of product, service, or website, you can implement these ideas for any business to get even more customer reviews. Whether it’s with creative design ideas of pop-ups and feedback emails or increasing customer loyalty with small goodies and good deeds. If the customer feels addressed and valued, it is easier for him to leave a review. However, all this is of no use if you don’t make use of the feedback. Contact with customers is essential and promotes loyalty, so positive feedback should also be responded to. Those who constantly develop on the basis of customer experience also have a better chance of gaining new customers and thus receiving even more ratings.