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IVARIO Dienstleistungen GmbH

Very Good

4.90 / 5.00
42 votes
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Ash Brown
I ordered the heavy metals water test kit from Ivario and it arrived via mail. It was easy to complete the test and I sent back and had the results back within 2 weeks as the samples needed to go back to Germany so I guess this takes abit longer to have to go through customs. The results cam back and I was impressed with the way the results are shown against UK standards and tolerances. I woulod use this service again although advise that a set of English nstructions would be good as I had to use google translate to make sure I did not make anhy mistakes or miss any thing.
IVARIO Dienstleistungen GmbH reply:

Martin webster
Water sample
IVARIO Dienstleistungen GmbH reply:

Mould kit was great, service was excellent, quick and simple
IVARIO Dienstleistungen GmbH reply:

John Francis Deegan
I needed a comprehensive test on water i consume and wash wash with.
I found Ivario on the internet, and requested a water test kit. The kit was sent through quickly with easy to understand instructions as to what to do.
The test kit was returned, with Ivario sending me an email acknowledging receipt of the test, this was really helpful letting me know the test had arrived ok.
Results were sent back to me quickly, and covered a large number of potential water contaminants.
To conclude, i was very impressed by Ivario customer service, the test cost was reasonably priced, and i would use this company again.
IVARIO Dienstleistungen GmbH reply:

I ordered Ivario testing kit, collected sample and sent it off, following their instructions. Unfortunately, 2 months later - I still haven’t received the results. When logging online, I can see that my testing kit was never received by their lab. That’s all fine, sometimes things get lost in transit. However, the worst is that I have tried to email them numerous times about a refund/sending me another kit, and have received no response. I have tried to call them using different numbers found on their website, and nobody answers. I wonder if the company has disappeared. As a result, have lost almost £140 and very unhappy.

UPDATE: after loosing all hope to ever get my test results and posting a negative one star review on this site - a representative from the ratings company contacted me and acted as a mediator to solve the issue with IVARIO. I finally received another testing kit and got my results - albeit with 3 months delay and lots of stress. Happy to have received my results which were of great quality, but it was still unacceptable that I wasn’t able to contact the company after my results were delayed, and that action from their side was only taken after a negative review online. I have updated my initial one star rating to three stars.
IVARIO Dienstleistungen GmbH reply:

Dear Leva,

please apologize all the trouble. We have of course not disappeared. I wonder how, but we nerver got any request from you.

As per UPS tracking we regret that it seems like your sample has really been lost.

Therefore we will send you a replacement test kit right away.

We would be pleased if you would change your rating meanwhile.

If you have any further questions, please send your request to

Thank you
IVARIO Customer support Team

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