Excellent.org gives examples of how to integrate Valentines Day on your website, the picture shows flowers in red an pink

Valentine’s Day – How to Bring Love to Your Website

The new decade has barely begun, and this year’s day of love is just around the corner again. The shop windows are decorated with red hearts and pink lettering, e-mails with special offers are trickling in and all sorts of online shops are advertising for this day on their website. Every year on February 14th, flowers, sweets, jewelry and other gifts are given to loved ones.

While not everybody celebrates this day or even buys presents, still about 50% participate in the known traditions of Valentine’s Day and about a third of all purchases for this day are made online.[1]

In order for you to be able to use the potential of this romantic day for your business, we have prepared some tips for integrating romance on your website.


Show it on your website

Although Valentine’s Day is known to most people, people don’t get as excited about it as they do about Christmas, for example. Accordingly, it often happens that this special day falls into oblivion.

To remind your customers just in time and to give them the chance to prepare themselves (with gifts and planned activities) you can adapt your website for Lovers‘ Day. Basically, there are hardly any restrictions, but the changes should of course fit your company and not get out of hand. Furthermore, you should always keep the added value of your customers in mind. For example, you can draw attention to Valentine’s Day promotions, products or goodies – but more about that in a moment.

Report about it on your blog

Of course you can also refer to this day on your corporate blog – if existing. The nice thing here is that you are not necessarily bound to the products or actions of your shop. Rather, you can give your readers tips about the romantic day and give gift guides or even suggestions for different activities.

Offer special products in a romantic style

Do you run a flower shop, a jewelry shop or sell chocolate? Then you probably already use Valentine’s Day for your business. After all, flowers, candy and jewelry are amongst the most popular gifts.[2]

But many other industries also offer products and events that are completely in line with the romantic day. As a restaurant you could offer a candlelight dinner, for your spa you could offer couple massages and much more.

Excellent.org gives examples of how to integrate Valentines Day on your website, the picture shows a set table with a glass of wine

Launch social media campaigns

Social media is also an excellent way to draw attention to the special day. For example, prepare special postings that attract the attention of your users and point out appropriate offers on Instagram & Co. Use this event to give something back to your followers and customers and offer giveaways. Ask for personal experiences and adventures around Valentine’s Day and include your followers.

Design your newsletter

Do you already send regular newsletters with information about current products and promotions to your customers? Then use this opportunity to remind your customer of this romantic day as well. Of course, the typical colors and hearts can also be integrated here. But put the attention on the offered products and don’t get lost in too many gimmicks. Such a mail should be loaded and appear within seconds – otherwise it is often not even looked at properly.

Excellent.org gives examples of how to integrate Valentines Day on your website, the picture shows an envelope that has a letter with a heart on it in it

Offer special promotions and goodies

Giving gifts on Valentine’s Day can be quite expensive – no wonder when flower prices are higher at this time of year than during the rest of the year. These figures probably also explain why many suspect the flower industry to be behind this day.[3]

Why not meet your customers in the middle by initiating special promotions. For example, set up a Valentine’s Day discount or create sets from your product range that fit the theme. Another option is to offer free goodies: Add a little something to orders that are above a certain value, or offer (themed) free downloads like wallpapers, story stickers or something similar. Here too, you should always make sure that it fits your company.

Don’t just think about couples

Although Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers, as a company you should never focus only on couples. People might also gift something small to their friends, family or even themselves. Use this to your advantage and incorporate according content. For example, gift tips for friends or self-care tips can be given.


One thing is certain: The Day of Love offers enormous potential for companies – and in many different directions. Which of the measures you implement for your company is of course up to you. We wish you much success for this year’s Day of Love!




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