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The social media year 2019 – Trends and challenges

What is actually happening in 2019 on social media? What were the challenges and how can you take advantage of new trends in your marketing mix? In today’s blog post, we will give you a brief review of the social media year 2019 and summarize the most important trends for you. So you can start prepared for the social media year 2020.

Personal Branding: Trust, personality, individuality

Under all the abundance of channels, information and offers, the movement is now moving towards increasingly personalized content and experiences. 50% of respondents agree that this will be one of the biggest challenges in the future. [1] The trustworthiness of social media networks and influencers is increasingly being questioned. Users are asking themselves: Is this really all honest, or are the opinions and content only bought and profit-oriented?

As a company it is now important to steer against this and to engage in genuine and honest dialogues. Away from the focus on exclusively high reach and broad communication. The important thing here is that people follow people and not companies. Create a community with which you share well-researched content. Show your users that they can trust you with a clear conscience and that real people are behind the channel.

The result: You create trusting relationships with users and customers who will recommend you to others.

User-generated content

In 2019, the trend on social media was away from invasive, intrusive marketing and towards user-generated content (UGC). Invasive marketing often has a deterrent and overly offensive effect on consumers. UGC on the other hand creates a personal level and ensures that you as a company appear trustworthy and authentic to your recipients. To underline the credibility of a product or service, content created by users themselves is irreplaceable. An honest and unpaid recommendation is the most authentic rating a company can get. Therefore you should invest sufficient time in a trustful cooperation and an open dialogue.

Storifying Social

Social media Rückblick über Storifying Social am Smartphone

For some time now, it has been impossible to imagine communication channels without the 24-hour posts. The number of stories is growing 15 times faster than the number of posts in the feed [2]. Users can now easily and spontaneously share content on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat with friends and the general public. Stories have a fleeting character, are visually oriented and give users freedom for fun and experimentation without having to pay attention to the design of the feed. As a result, 64% of companies surveyed have already integrated the Instagram Story into their social media strategy or plan to do so in the next 12 months. [3]

Paid Social: Ads are becoming increasingly important

The social media advertising budget and the number of advertisements are increasing. It’s no longer a secret that social media companies want to attract attention and money is a very important factor in this. This is a thorn in the side of many – especially smaller – companies. 64% describe the need for higher investment in paid advertising and the simultaneous decline in organic reach as a future challenge [4]. The effect of increasing costs and decreasing attention: decreasing ROI (Return on Investment) for advertisers. A trend that can no longer be stopped is the linking of advertising money to equivalent investments, such as time, creativity and a precise targeting of the target group. Powerful, organic content can alternatively be pushed with paid boosts and attract attention. Personalization and entertainment are the keywords for popular content. An individual presentation ensures that users are motivated to interact, discuss and motivate. External employees are now called in by the companies to create content for the social media team. With your specialization in a certain area, such as video or design, you can thus stand out from the crowd and attract more attention [5].

Social commerce

The trend from 2018/2019 to integrate social media shopping technologies into one’s own marketing continues to be popular. 28% of the respondents have implemented social commerce in their company or have already planned to do so [6]. Young users in particular are enthusiastic about the shopping offerings in the Instagram posts. Via the post and product search, users can now go directly to the checkout without leaving the app. But shopping is not only done on Instagram. On platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest, consumers are also misusing the website for product search and shopping. The Facebook marketplace is used by more than 800 million people in 70 countries. At Pinterest, 55% of users actually use the purchase option [7].

Even better known for the incentive and the redirection to purchase is the YouTube platform. In general, video is now proving to be a major component of social commerce. Are you still new to social commerce?

Advice: After you have set up shopping in your stories on Instagram, show your products in action, advertise them with competitions, present your products in the most realistic scenarios and, after a test phase, go into production with your most powerful posts and content.


Ausgezeichnet.org zeigt die Social Media Trends von 2019

On social media, the trend continues to move towards personalization, individualization and personal recommendation. More and more users are active on social media and want to be part of a community. User-generated content and the creation of stories are the focus here. Users want to communicate and that in their own spontaneous and honest way. To gain the trust of followers, customers and users, it is important to create high-quality and honest content. Due to the abundance of content from companies as well as influencers and private individuals, it is becoming more and more challenging to stand out positively and stand out with your brand and content. Choosing the right target group is therefore especially important. The selection of the right brand ambassadors – for example in influencer marketing – also has an enormous effect. Furthermore, due to this abundance, the placement of advertisements also moves more and more into the foreground. Eye-catching, attracting attention, creating a community and inspiring it to positive communication. Individuality paired with entertainment, packaged in a serious design, are important here – whether in ads, boosts of organic content or everyday posts. Companies in the fashion, lifestyle, cosmetics or similar sectors continue to benefit from the use of social media shopping technologies. The sale of their own products can thus be made much more varied and effective.

We are curious what the social media year 2020 will bring, whether the trends will continue to establish themselves or whether a new direction will be taken in the communication channels. We will of course continue to keep you up to date and provide you with the latest trends, innovations and tips.



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