Seal of quality: image enhancement for online shops

You have a great customer support, a reliable delivery service and your product quality leaves nothing to be desired? Of course you want to show this with your internet presence to the outside. The only problem: It is claimed a lot on the internet, but it is also really difficult for consumers to verify this.
For 70% of online shoppers the reason to cancel a purchase was the lack of confidence in the shop. [1] A simple and effective way to bridge this information gap between customer and business is through independent labels. External certification allows potential new customers to rely on an objective source and see right away: the company keeps its promises!

Therefore, we would like to show you in today’s blog post what impact the seals of quality have on the image and performance of online shops and why it’s not only worth to collect customer reviews, but also presenting them in a compact seal on your website.

Seal of quality create objectivity and trust

Trust is the subjective certainty that a person will behave in a certain way. [2] In order to build trust, we must be able to properly assess our counterpart. This can be a challenge in personal contact, but it is even more difficult in the anonymous internet.
Often visitors lack the necessary information and experiences with the company when there are visiting a still unknown online store. In this case external quality labels offer uncertain customers the perfect support for evaluating the trustworthiness of a website. Quality labels are awarded by an objective, independent authority to special procurement rules – this makes them a meaningful trust symbol for online shoppers: 58% of internet users state that their trust in an unknown online shop rises significantly if the website has a seal of approval. [3] With the confidence in a shop the probability of a purchase, the willingness to pay [4] the use of provider-friendly payment methods such as advances payment will rise at the same time.


Asiaten shoppt am Laptop online und achtet auf Gütesiegel


Seal of quality visualize important information compactly

Another, not to be underestimated function of an online quality seal: You spare your user the effort. Checking whether a shop is trustworthy, the performance is correct and the service is convincing, costs time – and that is especially on the internet really rare. A certified seal of quality illustrates the seriousness of your shop at a glance. Information that otherwise would have to be painstakingly gathered on the website and the rest of the Internet is summarized in an emblem. As a visual cue, a seal attracts the attention of the site visitor, visually enhances your website and saves your customers a long internet search.


Seal of quality influence the purchasing decision

Quality seals for online shops are more than just a “nice-to-have”. For a majority of today’s online shoppers, it is a decisive factor whether the advertising promises of an online shop are also proven by an external certification or not. For 62.1% of the respondents, quality seals are important to very important for their purchase decision. [5] Therefore quality labels have a real influence on whether a website visitor becomes a new customer. For new and small online shops in particular, quality seals are therefore a useful marketing tool. Web providers who have not been able to build a strong brand yet can compensate this with the effect of an online seal of quality.


What should be considered when choosing and using an online seal?

Of course all of the mentioned benefits for your website are based on one key premise: your customers need to be able to rely on the quality of your seal of quality. Not recommended are dubious or even self-made seals. A seal of approval is not a simple gimmick which is inserted onto a website like a sticker. Only if the seal is a reputable, independent provider with clear procurement rules, your customers can rely on your seal and benefit from it. With one click on the seal, the user should be led to the site of the provider directly. Then the credibility and objectivity of the seal can be checked quickly and easily.

Once you have decided on a seal of quality, it is important to make it clearly visible to your website visitors. You could also refer to your awards on other subpages of your website and not just on your homepage. Especially the moment before the purchase is an important key moment of the customer’s journey. Pointing out your certification once again on your check-out page can be the decisive impulse for the purchase. Keep in mind the different terminal devices of your customers when you are integrating seals. The badge display should be optimized for both PC users and mobile surfers.

Of course, more than one seal of approval can be used for the e-commerce site. In any case, the guiding principle applies here: less is more. Too many seals on the website can create an overloaded impression and dilute the effect of the individual seals of quality. If you limit yourself to 2 or maximum to 3 seals you can be certain that the positive seal effects will complement each other and not inhibit you.

Last but not least a seal of quality is something that you can be proud of. So why don’t you share your new certification with your customers on your blog or on your social media channels? This is how you can show that you seriously take care of your customers‘ need for reliability in online shopping and at the same time you can inform about what exactly the award with the new seal of approval of your website for online shoppers means.



Conclusion: image enhancement with a rating badge

Online seals of quality are an efficient tool for building trust in e-commerce and therefore having a real impact on conversion rate and sales. As an independent certification you confirm the quality of the web shops and thus help potential customers in deciding whether your shop is the right one. The team from EXCELLENT.ORG is convinced: who could evaluate your website better than your real customers? After all, satisfied customers are the greatest award for every company.

With EXCELLENT.ORG you can not only collect valuable customer feedback, but also indentified present this with your rating seal on your website. With reviews of which your customers can rely on the authenticity (checked from an editorial) you immediately show that new customers do not have to worry about shopping in your shop.

If your seal is integrated into your website and you’ll also get the Google Stars widget through an interface with Google – your rating average will be displayed both directly in organic search results and in your AdWords campaigns. Due to the EXCELLENT.ORG rating badge you evaluate the appearance of your company website at the same time and show interested parties already at the beginning of your web search, that you can trust in your online shop.