Why it is worthwhile to also respond to positive customer reviews

Again and again we are confronted with the question whether a company should also react to positive and not just to negative customer evaluations. We already wrote about it some time ago, but today we would like to go into it again because of its relevance. Our experience has shown that many companies endeavour to react appropriately to negative evaluations. However, they accept positive feedback from their customers without a comment. The 4 and 5 star ratings in particular offer great potential for customer loyalty and increases customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are the best brand ambassadors

Customers who give you a positive rating are definitely convinced of you and your company. Take advantage of this fact and turn these customers into brand ambassadors. By also commenting on good reviews, you will build a loyal customer base and a reliable recommendation network. You show your customers that you take them seriously and that you have gratefully perceived their evaluation. This in turn motivates other satisfied customers to evaluate you in more detail.

Especially if you haven’t collected so many reviews yet, it’s worth reacting to the good ones as well. In this way, you can build trust and an open dialogue with your customers – and in the best case, you can increase the willingness of new customers to leave you a review.



What do I need to keep in mind?

If you are currently thinking about simply creating a template that you can copy and paste under any good review, then please discard this idea immediately. By this standard answer you would show your customers unfortunately little appreciation. As individual as your customers should be your reaction to their evaluations.

Despite all individuality there are however a few reference points, how you can proceed thereby.

    • Thank you.
      Have you received a good rating? Then simply say „thank you“ first, because we all know that this is not a matter of course.
    • Share your joy.
      Are you happy about the positive feedback? Then tell that in any case. Joy is contagious and what could be better for customers than cheerful employees of a company? Achieve a positive corporate image on the net through a joyful reaction – this is guaranteed to be passed on to your customers.
    • Pick up on details.
      Does the evaluator respond to a specific issue? Then pick them up as well, possibly agree with the statement or react to it in an original way.
    • Pass on the praise.
      Was one of your employees explicitly praised? Then do not hesitate and pass on this praise. If you would like, you can inform the evaluator in your comment. In this way you can ensure a good working atmosphere and show publicly that you value not only your customers but also your employees.
    • Think about customer loyalty.
      Don’t forget to tell your evaluator that you will be happy if he uses your services again.

In any case, plan regular time for the topic of evaluation marketing. Customers will be pleased if you react promptly to a review and do not do this as an annoying obligation once a quarter.

Reviews show your strengths

While negative evaluations show you where there are still some issues, positive feedback shows what your customers perceive as your strengths, what your customers value and what they value most about your service. These ratings may even help you to realign yourself as a company and adjust your marketing mix accordingly.

Marketingstrategie für positives Kundenfeedback



By reacting to positive customer evaluations, you not only ensure that your satisfied customers are treated with respect, you also take care of customer loyalty and employee satisfaction at the same time. In addition, you can actively shape how your company is perceived by the public. And, if necessary, you can open up completely new target groups if you recognize from a review that the self-perception of your strengths differs from the perception of others by your customers – and that the customer’s view thus enriches your communication mix.