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Since 25 May 2018, the new Basic Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been binding in all European member states. The principles of the GDPR are valid for every person or society whenever data of citizens is processed. The GDPR also has an impact on the sending of e-mails, as personal data (such as name, address, e-mail address) is used here. The processing of this personal data is subject to a so-called prohibition with the reservation of permission. This means that personal data may only be processed with the clear, explicit consent of the citizen concerned. Consent for sending e-mails must therefore be obtained in advance from each individual recipient.

Sounds complicated? Well, we also have good news for you!
With the new EXCELLENT.ORG Review Collector you can easily collect GDPR compliant reviews. Best of all, you can add the Review Collector to your website in just a few steps.

To use the Review Collector, all you need to do is integrate the HTML code provided in your account into your Thank You page. From now on, after a purchase or order, a pop-up window will appear asking your customer if he wants to rate you. review collector

If your customer agrees and clicks „Yes, I like“, the next step is to enter the e-mail address. Your customer will then receive an evaluation request after a period of time specified by you. review Collector

You can integrate the Review Collector either in German or in English. The language can be changed at any time.

In the Review Collector configuration, you can also set the number of days between entering your customer’s e-mail address and automatically sending the review request. Experience has shown that the ideal time for this is about three days after receipt of the goods or service.

You will see: if you have integrated the Review Collector on your website, your reviews will collect almost automatically!

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