EXCELLENT.ORG Annual Review 2019

The year 2019 is drawing to a close. And before we plunge into a new, exciting year full of anticipation, we would like to say a fitting farewell to you, dear readers.

For our very personal review of the year, we asked around in the team what the absolute highlights of this year were.


It was definitely an exciting year for our working student Mats. „One of my highlights in 2019 was of course the new job at EXCELLENT.ORG, which gives me the opportunity to develop myself in many ways and meet great people.“

We are also happy that Mats has been supporting our team since the beginning of 2019 and look forward to continuing our good cooperation.

But it was not only a successful and eventful year for Mats in his professional life, but also in his private life: „Another highlight was the championship and the promotion to the district league with my soccer team“. Congratulations on this once again! May the new year continue like this. Mats is completely confident: „In 2020, I look forward to every new challenge and am curious to see what the future will bring“.

Oh yes, we can only agree with that.



Not only Mats has enriched our team since this year, but with our Art Director Jessi we finally have someone who has created really great graphics and advertising material for us. And we are happy that she seems to feel so comfortable with us: „My highlight in 2019 was definitely the loving inclusion in the super team. To join an unknown company as a newcomer is always a bit scary, which is taken away here at EXCELLENT.ORG, but completely within the first few minutes“. Oh, we’re happy to hear that.

And Jessi also looks full of energy into the new year: „I’m looking forward to many new projects for 2020“. And there will certainly be some to come…




In 2019, our long-standing colleagues also had a few highlights in store for them. Our Sales & Service Consultant Henning found it „nice to welcome many different people here this year, to make our office even more beautiful and to get to know the EXCELLENT.ORG dogs“. Our hairy friends definitely feel very comfortable and have closed the whole team into their dog hearts. Henning is looking forward „to everything that comes“ and is looking forward to the new year.





Our Online Marketing Manager Marilen thinks back to the warm summer, especially in the cold pre-Christmas period: „My highlight in 2019 was our great summer party with the whole team. Although it was raining, we were lucky with the weather and could celebrate outside at Hamburg harbour. It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere was just great.“




We can only confirm this and our personal manager Lena adds: „Also our Christmas party was a complete success. With Sushi, Glühwein and Activity it was just as colourful and funny as our team“.

Marilen is especially looking forward to new projects in 2020. „I’m very excited to see what challenges await us and how we can master them as a team.“ It is exactly this teamwork that Lena is looking forward to – and perhaps a new face or two.




And what is the summary of our intern Jenni? „My personal highlight of the year 2019 was definitely my move to Hamburg and of course the time with you! I have learned a lot here in a great team and hope that my year 2020 will build on these professional experiences. In 2020 I am looking forward most of all to the leap from my studies into working life and all the changes that this step will bring with it“.

We wish Jenni all the best and much success! And of course many thanks for your great cooperation and support, dear Jenni!



Ausgezeichnet.org zeigt einen Adventskranz und gibt einen Jahresrückblick für 2019

With this in mind, we wish you a merry and relaxed Christmas, a few relaxing days with your loved ones and a great start in 2020!

Thank you very much for your trust in us and our work. We look forward to welcoming you to our blog again in the new year.