Customer interview – GrünePerlen – Marko Butze

With, Heidi and Marko Butze have made their enthusiasm for healthy nutrition into a profession. Whether juicer, mixer, dehydrator or water filter – in the online shop founded in 2013, there are all sorts of practical helpers who make a healthy lifestyle delicious and uncomplicated.

Thanks to the team’s long-standing product experience GrünePerlen is not just an online shop, but also a comparison portal and guide: Every mixer and juicer is subjected to an exact practical test by GrünePerlen and only products that truly convince them make it to the web shop. In addition the entire range is supplemented with scientific background information, detailed product explanations and tips & tricks for a healthier lifestyle.

All customers who are still unsure about their choice can additionally arrange a personal consultation via e-mail and telephone – or test the products in the shop in Dresden. The philosophy of GrünePerlen is: Online shopping doesn’t mean a waiver of service.

It is easy to see that customer ratings cannot be missed in the service mix of a company that places so much importance on honest advice. For almost two years all customers of can share experiences with the online store through the AUSGZEICHNET.ORG seal. In our interview with Managing Director Marko Butze we asked which added value this decision has for GrünePerlen and how to manage customer feedback properly.


Dear Mr. Butze, we are delighted to be having this interview with you today. Would you like to briefly tell who GrünePerlen is and what your company does?

With the company GrünePerlen © we would like to inspire people for a healthier life.

We are a team of young people, Heidi Butze, Marko Butze, Romy Straube and Andre Reichl from Dresden and Chemnitz. We have been employing with the topic of healthy nutrition and living water for a long time. Together with other friends of our network of contacts, we exchanged a lot of knowledge and tested many products and devices over the years. At we present equipment such as high-performance mixers, juicers, dehydrators, water filters and consumer products which we like the best and convince us with quality and functionality. We are continuously expanding our product range and will introduce further high-quality products and technologies for a healthy life.


In addition to all the great and practical products, you also offer all sorts of additional information about the devices and the subject of nutrition. What exactly do visitors to your website get?

GrünePerlen offers deeper information and test results on the best high-performance mixer, juicers, dehydrators and water filters available on the market. Furthermore, we provide helpful recipes and instructions for use with our devices. We show many devices in action to help our customers understanding better how it works. The goal is that our customers will be largely spared the wrong purchases.


Is there an offline offer by GrünePerlen besides the online platform

In „Marienberg im Erzgebirge“ we have a service point where local visitors can test all devices.


They have been collecting customer reviews on AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG for almost two years – and they have been very successful. How did it happen that you started collecting customer reviews?

Positive customer experiences are the best advertisement. We take our service and our customers very seriously and always do our best to make them satisfied. Therefore, we thought that we could deal with it open and transparent, after all, we can be proud of it.


What do you think is the biggest benefit of customer reviews for businesses and customers?

Positive reviews are an important factor in building trust with new customers. New customers are not familiar with my company. At the present time customers are increasingly relying on the experience of other customers who have already bought something from the company. Positive reviews are therefore an essential factor to really make sales.


Would you like to tell our readers how to collect reviews? We think you have come up with a great approach.

We send each customer an evaluation request a few days after the order. Once for our general service and in addition to the purchased product. Furthermore, we officially offer each customer the rating on a dedicated page.


Do you have some tips for our readers on how collecting reviews works even better?

On bills and in the email traffic could be the request for a rating.


Do you sometimes get less good or critical reviews? If so, how do you deal with such reviews?

Yes, of course we also get critical reviews. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Sometimes we really work on the limit to satisfy everyone, but sometimes mistakes happen or you end up with „difficult“ customers. We then usually comment on the assessment and present the facts from our point of view. Other customers can then rate the process themselves.


What can the GrünePerlen Fans 2019 be happy about?

Definitely new equipment and maybe even something revolutionary, who knows…


Thank you very much for this exciting interview Mr. Butze!