Customer Interview – SIXX PAXX Concert GmbH – David Farrel

Whether for the birthday party, a girls evening or the bachelor party: the SIXX PAXX promise to offer Europe’s hottest Male Revue Show – and they do! Originally from Berlin, the Male Revue group has been touring through Germany, fascinate their national and international fan base. The whole entertainment repertoire will once again be offered in 2019 at the SIXX PAXX – ROXX TOUR, which started in February: from sophisticated choreographies to professional vocals to acrobatics. For fans who experience the ensemble of talented dancers and entertainers live in the capital, the evening does not end after a visit to the SIXX PAXX theater: since 2018, the SIXX PAXX with the SIXX PAXX Ladies Club in Berlin provides wild party nights suitable for an unforgettable show evening.

The fact that the SIXX PAXX excite more than just a little enthusiasm in their live performances shows a quick glance at the ratings that the SIXX PAXX have collected for over a year on the AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG seal: „Tickets for next year are already bought! „,“ perfect show from start to finish „and“ just great „are just a few examples. These praises and the continuously increasing number of followers in social media clearly show that the SIXX PAXX is doing everything right!

More than enough reason for us to invite David Farrel, co-founder and captain of the SIXX PAXX for an interview and to find out more about what it means to put on a show, why ratings are so important for live performers and what fans can expect from the SIXX PAXX this year?


Dear Mr Farrel, we are very pleased to be having this interview with you today. How long does it take to prepare for a show and where do you get the inspiration from?

As a rule, show planning is a process that lasts all year round. In fact, you collect ideas for new shows throughout the day. You think about films or everyday scenes: „What could women like? How do you create those certain moments that ultimately make the audience screech? „So we spend 365 days looking for inspiration, collecting music ideas and making notes on the phone.

Is the basic idea for the show set, we concretely consider, which story we want to tell on stage. The appropriate music will then be cut and the choreography will be worked out. From this point on, the intense training begins. It takes about 4 months for the show to be choreographed and ready.

That sounds like a lot of work and commitment – which obviously pays off. Instagram has more than 40,000 followers on SIXX PAXX and more than 150,000 likes on Facebook. How did you manage to build such a big fanbase?

It is very important to us to provide new, interesting content on our pages. We always want to offer our fans new footage that they feel like reacting to. And of course, a advantage is that we are having so many live performances. Many people from the audience look for a show directly online, come across our social media profiles and become fans.

For more than a year you have been collecting very successful customer reviews at AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG. How did it happen that you started collecting customer reviews?

Customer reviews are a really great medium for us. We ask our customers directly to leave us a review if they liked it. So we can give viewers, who were not already on the show, the opportunity to inform themselves about us and to get very authentic opinions – the motto: „What do the girls think about the shows?“ A great review of a spectator is always worth a lot more.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of customer reviews for businesses and customers?

As already mentioned: Through real customer reviews visitors who haven’t already seen the show can catch up with real impressions of our audience and get a real picture of our shows. So everyone can look the same: „Is it great or not?“

To conclude, perhaps a small outlook on the coming months: What can the SIXX PAXX fans look forward to in 2019?

On many great new shows, creative ideas and maybe on one or the other new face on stage. In any case, for us, 2019 means: continue to have so much enthusiasm, commitment and fun on stage!

Thank you for this exciting interview!