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Customer interview – schmuckshopping.de – Michael Riedel

Are you looking for a gift for your loved ones or for yourself? Then this is where it gets interesting for you. At Juwelier Riedel at schmuckshopping.de you can choose between jewellery and watches from well-known brands as well as the company’s own brand. The family business has been in existence for over 150 years in the seventh generation and continues to develop its passion for the craft in a new and constant way.

Even after you have decided on one of the pieces of jewellery, jeweller Riedel is still at your side – repairs, engravings and new creations are carefully taken care of in the company’s own workshops. The combination of professional competence and the loving selection of current specialties provides the customer with a unique shopping experience. As a special extra, important questions about wedding rings are clarified in the Wedding Center and you will get an even better impression at the in-house wedding ring fair.

In today’s interview, Michael Riedel, CEO of schmuckshopping.de, tells us even more exciting things about jewellery trends and the lived customer service in the family business.


Dear Mr. Riedel, we are very pleased to have this interview with you today.
 Would you like to tell our readers* briefly how your passion for watches and jewellery has developed?

Our company has been a family-run business since 1862, so the question is actually already answered. You were „born“ into the profession, so to speak, and your career path is virtually predetermined. We grew up with watches and jewellery and have „developed“ the love and passion for our beautiful industry. Especially exciting is the fact that you can be creative with your own hands, work on pieces of jewellery, change them or create completely new things. In addition, the challenge that the „workpieces“ are so small and therefore calmness, concentration and craftsmanship are important prerequisites for the profession of watchmaker or goldsmith. The technology of a mechanical watch movement is always fascinating.

You can look back on more than 150 years of history of your family business, in which the connection to watches and jewellery is lived daily with excellent customer service. How does your family business maintain a balance between tradition and modernity?

That’s a good question – especially in view of today’s fast-moving society. Staying on the ball here presents us with new challenges every day. I believe that we are well positioned to do so with our mix of traditional local business, the excellent customer service I mentioned earlier and the increasingly popular online trading. We started our first online shop back in 2001. Under the domain schmuckshopping.de we offer jewellery and watches of well-known labels. Our shop has always been updated and adapted to the technical requirements. A further logical step followed in autumn 2019, when we adapted the shop in a customer and user friendly way for mobile phones and tablets and designed it according to the needs of our customers. In this way, we can take into account the constant digital development. Thankfully, we were also supported in this with subsidies from the EFRE programme. An important sign for us as a family business.

You keep the balance very well – this is also reflected in the satisfaction of your customers. But let’s get down to real jewellery. We have gained the impression that this is a traditional gift from the family. In your opinion, has this changed due to online trading?

Real jewellery is always special. Especially small jewellers often offer extraordinary pieces of jewellery. Unique pieces or limited edition jewellery and watches – that’s what makes them so desirable. With our two specialty stores in Beierfeld and Schneeberg we would like to meet the wishes and expectations of our customers. The advantage over online trading is obvious. No online trade can replace individual advice in the shop. In the shop I can look at my favourite piece of jewellery, feel the material and get competent advice on wearing properties, care etc. Many of our customers yearn for shopping experiences that only the stationary trade can offer.
Nevertheless, it is impossible to imagine online trade without it and especially the younger generation with an affinity for the internet will accelerate the change. However, we are certain that the specialist store with all its facets will continue to be justified in many years to come.

In addition to repairs, they also have their own in-house wedding ring exhibition, where those interested can find out more about wedding rings. What do you attach particular importance to when it comes to advice and service?

Our main focus is on personal contact and individual advice in a relaxed atmosphere. The bridal couples appreciate the large selection of different models, materials, manufacturers, colours etc. Also the price plays an important role. We can offer wedding rings in various price ranges. In the past, we have even been able to welcome wedding guests from more distant places who could not find a comparable offer at our in-house exhibitions. We always respond individually to the wishes of our wedding ring customers. This is highly appreciated and gratefully accepted. It is important to take time to help the bridal couple with the selection of their wedding rings. Because the variety of wedding rings can sometimes be overwhelming at first sight. During the wedding ring consultation, we will be happy to offer a glass of sparkling wine and one or two anecdotes from our customer advisors on the subject of marriage.

We would like to be there. We have seen that your customers have rated you with a star average of 4.9 on your AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG profile. What role does customer feedback play for you as a company?

The customer feedback is an important indicator for our daily work and the star average of 4.9 you mentioned fills us with joy, pride and of course gratitude. It shows that we do a lot of things right and is at the same time recognition, but also an incentive and motivation to maintain this high level.

We congratulate you most sincerely on this great achievement and are eager to see how things will continue. What experiences have you had with using AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG so far?

We have been working with AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG for many years now. The fair handling and the help with questions, whether technical or editorial, have convinced us. Customer evaluations are an important criterion for buyers to decide whether an offer is taken up and whether an online shop or a specialist shop works seriously.

Thank you very much for your honest feedback. We are very pleased.
Are there any emerging trends in the jewelry industry at the moment? Do you possibly recognize any trends regarding the colors of the jewelry?

In addition to the trend towards rose gold in combination with silver-coloured metals that has emerged in recent years, colour is also playing an increasingly important role again. This can be seen in collections such as the silver jewellery collection by Bastian Inverun or the gemstone collection by the Hans Becker company. Here the many color variations of gemstones are impressively staged. But also stainless steel jewelry in the curant price segment enjoys great popularity. Stainless steel combined with colours like blue, red, black and green set the tone here. The lull in yellow gold seems to have been overcome and demand is rising. Warm gold tones go very well with the pastel-coloured trends this year. Irrespective of colour trends, gold has also moved strongly into focus as a safe investment against the background of the current low-interest policy.
The Nordic plain metal wristwatch is popular and up-to-date for watches. Combinations with Melanaise straps or with elegant leather straps in pastel shades will be seen in the shop windows.

But also interchangeable systems, which offer the possibility to change the colour of a piece of jewellery in a few simple steps, such as Les Georgettes, are very popular again this year. So you can always change and combine the jewellery to match your outfit.

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Many thanks for this exciting insight. There is something for everyone.
In addition to your online shop schmuckshopping.de you also have stationary shops in Beierfeld and Schneeberg. Would you say that customer tastes have changed or developed over time?

Yes, I think customer taste is subject to constant change. It’s like the fashion world there. Trends come, trends go and some things come back. There are of course classics like gold – timelessly beautiful, elegant and very up-to-date in all its colour variations in the trend.

Natural materials such as wood are also very popular for jewellery and watches. In times of hectic and stress, people long for deceleration. This is well reflected by the natural material wood and corresponds to the thinking of many customers in times of climate change and the Fridays for Future movement.

We see a further development in the watches. The Smartwatch has „established“ itself. On the other hand, many people would not want to do without the conventional wristwatch, as there is a multifaceted range of products available today. In the higher price segment, for example, a chic mechanical wristwatch with automatic winding is an expression of style and personality.

That sounds very interesting. What else can your fans look forward to this year? Are there any special activities you have planned?

In addition to the in-house exhibitions already mentioned, we will again be taking up watch and jewellery industry topics at special events and parties in our neighbouring towns this year. With theme-related campaigns, we would like to offer our customers a particularly extensive range of products and a shopping experience that goes hand in hand with a great deal of information, both online and in stores.

An important concern, which we want to realize this year, is perhaps only secondary for many customers and some will not even notice it at all. We would like to say goodbye to any plastic packaging. Only natural materials should be used for our watch and jewelry packaging. For many consumers the environmental aspect has become an important argument. We would like to do justice to this and do our part.

Thank you very much for this exciting insight and the great interview, dear Mr. Riedel. We wish you and your team a continued success!