Customer Interview – HONGi the sloth mattress – Jan Sobek

Anyone who has ever spent a night on an inappropriate mattress knows how important it is to have the right sleeping pad for a truly restful night. Whether hard or soft, cold foam or spring core – the answer to what exactly makes the perfect mattress, is as individual as the human being itself. That’s exactly what the Wiener online shop  has turned into the core theme of its business model. With the sloth mattress offers tailor-made sleeping solutions. Thanks to the online configurator and all-round advice from the team, each mattress is optimally adapted to personal needs and wishes. And this for the best price guarantee, because the online business spares the way through intermediaries. In addition, the company offers detailed advice and a 100-day trial. During this period, the mattress can be easily configured or exchanged.

No wonder then that the company has been collecting an enthusiastic customer review after another on its AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG profile for 1 year. These reviews show: With the sloth mattress HONGi sets new standards in the online mattress trade.

We are all the more pleased that Jan Sobek, Project Manager at, has taken the time for our interview today. Now we know what matters in the online purchase of mattresses, why HONGi is so important to work together with an independent review portal and what makes customer feedback so valuable for the online store.


Dear Jan, we are very happy to have this interview with you today. You are the project manager at HONGi. Even if your company name radiates a lot of calm, would you like to briefly tell our readers what you do and what you stand for?

HONGi is a modern medium-sized company from Vienna. We set out in 2016 to revolutionize the mattress world. Although there are so many mattresses providers, our approach is fundamentally different from that of other competitors. We stand for individual sleeping pleasure and high Austrian quality standards – with our sloth mattresses for all people who want to optimize their sleep to personal needs and preferences.


What sets your concept apart from other mattress suppliers?

Each of our sloth mattresses is as unique as the person it is made for. A HONGi always consists of three layers, but these can each consist of completely different premium materials. However, to find the right combination of materials you do not have to be a professional: Our online configurator uses a complex algorithm to put together the most appropriate combination. So HONGi sloth mattresses are individually adapted to the respective person. We are proud that there is not a single competitor in the European market that can offer its customers a similar range of opportunities. Since the mattress layers are not glued together, you can easily adjust and change your mattress afterwards. This is particularly advantageous when physical factors, e.g. through pregnancy, change.


That sounds fantastic. Are you actually testing your sloth mattresses yourself?

Yes, certainly. Especially in the case of such a diverse subject, which is always characterized by subjective impressions, such as sleeping, it is extremely important that we have the widest possible range of experience. For this reason, we extensively test our sloth mattresses and incorporate these experiences into further product development as well as customer service.


What mistakes can you avoid when buying a mattress?

People are different, and this is even more true with regard to the physical needs of sleeping and thus the choice of the right mattress. Anyone relying blindly on advice and test-takings in the stationary mattress trade faces certain risks: a short test-run in the shop does not necessarily replace the familiarization phase that every body needs with a new sleeping pad. A mattress that feels comfortable during a brief test at the store can turn out to be the wrong choice after only a few nights at home. So you should not miss out on a longer, best-lasting, multi-week phase of testing. It is also advisable to say goodbye to the idea that uniformly constructed mattress models can fit all people. This does not work either in theory or in practice, especially with standard mattresses, bad compromises often occur, which can lead to less sleep and lying comfort in the short and medium term, as well as even physical discomfort in the long term.


Thank you for these helpful tips. In addition to all the comfort and relaxation, you are also continuously collecting reviews. How did you start collecting customer reviews with AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG?

At the beginning of HONGi, we thought about integrating our own customer rating system into our online shop. However, we quickly came across the problem that this – at first glance seductive solution – would offer very little added value for our customers. If it is not clear that the respective company cannot influence the deposited valuations and / or even write own reports, then it damages the transparency and the credibility of the enterprise and as a customer you  cannot rely on the value and the reliability of the deposited reviews. Looking for a solution to this dilemma, we came across AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG and found a neutral, independent authority to verify and deposit customer reviews. The fact that thanks to your system, our wonderful rating average can now also appear in search engine queries on Google, has made the decision easy.


What do you think is the biggest benefit of customer reviews for companies and customers?

The biggest advantage of customer reviews for customers is clearly the transparency: to be able to make before the purchase a comprehensive picture of companies and their respective products, is an important factor that makes online shopping for many people particularly attractive. From the corporate side, customer reviews are again a very good tool to get direct and unfiltered feedback from customers. This makes it easier to analyze products and services, as well as internal and external processes, and to optimize them more quickly.


There are certainly many opinions about „sleep“ and everyone certainly has a very own rating of what is important and good and what is perhaps less important. Do you sometimes get less good or critical reviews? If so, how do you deal with it?

Although we have received only a few critical reviews so far, we are not only looking at each case individually, but also make direct contact with the customer to clarify any misunderstandings or solve the matter together. At the same time, we see such cases as good opportunities to explore what could further improve our sloth mattresses and our service.


Do you still have an advice for a restful sleep – except, of course, the matching mattress?

For good restful sleep many factors can be of importance. It can be especially helpful if you try to find the right sleep hygiene for yourself. By „sleep hygiene“ is meant that we align our sleep with our own sleep rhythm and needs. Everyone has different physical and mental needs and preferences here. It is therefore all the more important to listen to yourself and your own body.


What do you think are the sleep and mattress trends of 2019?

Thanks to our intensive customer contacts and consultations, we have found that customizability and local production will continue to gain importance in 2019 as well. We are very pleased about this because HONGi is well positioned in these areas: the modular shift concept allows for maximum customizability and our production in Austria secures local jobs.

And what else can the sloths among the readers enjoy in the future? What will HONGi do?

Due to market soundings and successful special orders, we are currently preparing to launch HONGi in other European countries. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you exactly what these are and when we start exactly. It remains exciting on the sloth mattress front, that’s for sure.


We are indeed very excited and thank you for this great interview!