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Customer Interview – Singleboersen-Vergleich.de – Henning Wiechers

Have you ever heard of the „Single Stock Market Driver’s License“? No? Then you have certainly never been on Singleboersen-Vergleich.de. Here you can find out which dating sites are currently the most promising, which are really free and where expensive subscription traps are hidden, where you can get in contact with real people and which portals let the computer do the flirting with you. With the founder, Mr. Wiechers, we talked today about the world of partner search on the Internet – what you have to pay attention to, which offers there are and how the users help to make the site even better. And we must say: we had no idea! But we had a lot of fun during the conversation. And now we know: Dating is actually just a matter of practice.


Dear Mr. Wiechers, we are very pleased to have this interview with you today. Would you like to start by telling us how Singleboersen-Vergleich.de came about and what you have set yourself as a mission for your customers?

As the name suggests, we operate an information portal for online dating. The focus is on over 25 categories with test reports on the approximately 500 acceptable providers in Germany.

Our claim is to accompany the singles from the selection of a suitable singles exchange to the use and termination of the contract, so that they simply enjoy the search for a partner on the net and do not have to struggle with stumbling blocks or rip-offs.

For this purpose we have a team of experts in the editorial office, which can also be contacted by e-mail or hotline if questions arise.

Many thanks for this insight. How did you come to compare singles exchanges or even casual dating portals like C-Date?

Wow, that was a long time ago! In 2002, I was the computer freak in my circle of acquaintances who tried out the first dating sites in the evening with single friends to see what worked. We noticed that apart from a few lists at Yahoo & Co. there was no overview of good dating sites. We tackled this topic over a beer…

We test all offers that aim to enable private individuals without financial interest to get to know each other. Whether it is about love or cheating – everything is okay for us.

However, we avoid commercial eroticism, i.e. webcam girls, brothel guides or pornography. This is not our construction site.

That sounds very exciting. Have there been any surprise moments during your success story that have left their mark on you?

The biggest surprise for us is that there are still so many dating sites!

In many other industries, there is basically only one big provider left who has flattened all the others. Amazon. Ebay. Youtube.

Then there would be nothing more for us to compare …

That’s right. This is indeed a very beneficial development for your company. About AUSGEZEICHNETNET.ORG you have been collecting ratings for more than 7 years. What role does customer feedback play for you as a service provider?

As single stock exchange testers, we naturally always have only one point of view. Our readers experience the portals from very different perspectives.

Example: We register with A, research the prices and publish them with us. But other people get completely different prices displayed, e.g. because they have stated a different age or come from a different region. Our readers report this to us and we can adapt our test report.

So without the customer feedback our portal would be only half as correct.

We can understand that very well. For what reason did you decide to use a rating seal at AUSGEZEICHNETNET.ORG?

Your founder Arne Kahlke recommended AUSGEZEICHNETNET.ORG to us shortly after your foundation. We already knew him from before. A personal recommendation.

Technically, the main reason was that Google only accepted and imported ratings from rating portals where only real customers could give a rating. In other words, customers who had previously bought something.

But in our case there are no customers, because we are not selling anything.

We get most of our ratings from people who have passed our dating site driving licence and as a reward can try out a top single exchange for 3 days completely free of charge. Without subscription.

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The playful test on the single stock market driving licence seems to be very popular with people, as you can see from your great ratings. Many other singles exchanges do not yet use the opportunity to show customer satisfaction to the outside world and collect customer reviews. Why do you think this is so and what would you advise these companies?

Single stock exchanges get predominantly negative evaluations. You can see this quite well in the App-Stores.

We like to compare it with discotheques: If 100 men are digging on the dance floor, maybe 10 will succeed in an elegant pickup. But the other 90 would not blame the disco.

But that’s exactly what happens with singles clubs: they’re to blame if things don’t work out!

Take Karlo-Otto. He has a bathroom selfie as his profile picture, randomly writes 100 women with „Hey, what’s up?“, gets no answer and then gives a negative rating: „Only fake women are registered in the singles exchange! Hands off the rip-off place!“

However, the problem is partly homemade, because the singles exchanges promise a lot („In 5 minutes to the first date!“) and make little effort to support customers who do not succeed. This could easily be done with a little AI, but the vast majority of providers concentrate 100% on optimizing the conversion to sale. What happens after the sale is of no importance to the vast majority of the makers.

My favourite question to CEOs of dating sites: „When men write 1.000 flirt mails to you, how many answers do you get back from the ladies?

Most common answer: „We don’t measure that!“

What other functions would you like to see for your evaluation management with AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG?

For us, AUSGEZEICHNETNET.ORG works without any problems: Our readers submit their ratings in an uncomplicated way and these become fancy stars in our AdWords ads plus in SEO. Runs!

Thank you very much for your feedback. We are pleased that there are so many advantages for you by using our seal. We have noticed that Singleboersen-Vergleich.de has become particularly interesting for the media in recent years. What opportunities have resulted for you from the boom in online dating?

Simply to compare single stock exchanges was always too flat for us. We have now researched online dating intensively in over 20 market studies. Both in terms of providers and turnover, as well as user behaviour and success rates.

For example, we phoned all the registry offices in Germany and asked the registrars where the couples met – via singles dating sites almost 20%.

This content is gladly taken up by the media and makes us more well-known.

That sounds like a lot of commitment. In January 2019, your two Belgian comparison portals were also added. What else can your fans be curious about?

Single stock exchange comparisons are actually a classic SEO topic with long lyrics. Good for Google, but boring for the readers. Especially on smartphones.

That’s why we will focus on making the selection process easier and more interactive for the reader, e.g. by using a virtual assistant.

Excellent.org: questions from a dating assistant, who asks you if you want to make a test which shows, what dating site suits you the best.

That sounds very interesting. We keep our fingers crossed for a successful future. One final question: What tips do you have for dating on the Internet?

Online dating has been around for 20 years, which means that most people have had their experiences and know their way around quite well.

If you’re really new to the scene, just remember that you have to go through a certain learning curve until you understand the game.

Like in the disco: Which one should I go to? At 11pm or only at 1pm? What should I wear? Where do I position myself? How do I attract looks? What do they mean? How does an introductory conversation go etc.

For these things you have to plan a little time to practice in dating agencies.


Thank you very much for your tips and this interesting interview. All the best for you!