Execellent.org: customer interview with andreas dietze from "die Auftackter"

Customer Interview – Die Auftakter – Andreas Dietze

Thriller fans, beware, today will be exciting! We talked with Andreas Dietze, the founder of Die Auftakter about corpses at dinner, enjoyable evenings in the sanatorium and theatre without stage and curtain.

Die Auftakter – Thriller meets Dinner. If you’ve always wanted to play a part in a criminal case, why not visit a Crime Dinner and enjoy the crime menu of Die Auftakter. The best thing is: You can also influence the action yourself. Would you prefer to do the whole thing in English? No problem. For foreign guests, the crime menus are also available in English. We think, now there is no excuse to become a crime hero or to slip into the role of a detective. The nice thing is: no two dinners are alike, because you actively participate in shaping the events.

You always wanted to prove your acting abilities and your spontaneity? Then let’s go to the next crime dinner in Berlin, Rostock, Birkenwerder, Plau am See or Kyritz.

In any case, we know where our next team outing will take us.

Dear Mr. Dietze, we are very pleased to have this interview with you today. Would you like to tell all our readers who is behind Die Auftakter and what you have to offer your customers?

Die Auftakter is an independent theatre production, which is primarily geared towards experience gastronomy. Under the product promise „Crime menu – the most criminal way to eat“ we offer a multi-layered entertainment: a realistically staged crime thriller that invites the audience to actively participate in the action, the opportunity to get in touch with other people in a playful way and the additional added value of a multi-course menu.

Where do you get the inspiration for the stories of the crime dinner?

Inspiration for a new case usually comes when I am not thinking about it. I need the head when it comes to the subject of our criminal case. Meaning: Why do people meet in a restaurant where a murder may suddenly occur. in front of everyone present. And what can become a criminal case. This could be a charity gala, a cinema or opera premiere or the funeral service of a vaudeville owner who has decreed that after his death things should be anything but serious.

That sounds very exciting, we think. It makes you want to join in. But how exactly does an event work?

In the broadest sense, the Crime Dinner is an interactive theatre for and with the audience. It does not need a curtain. And the stage is the restaurant. The implementation is based on the concept of improvisational theatre. During the evening a murder takes place, but at first there is no trace of the perpetrator. But he did not do the bill without the guests. Because they play an important role in the event.

Meaning: the course of events is determined beforehand. But what happens in between is up to the sympathy of the guests. There are no limits to their imagination. So every event is unique because the audience is different every time. The play is integrated into a multi-course menu, which is interrupted for each course.

Interesting. No matter if it’s a birthday, wedding, company party or teambuilding – for every event you have the right criminal case ready. How do you inspire your fans again and again?

The special attraction is to experience a criminal case live. But above all the surprising assignments of guests.

Excellent.org: shows the interaktion between people, during the kriminal menu
We can well imagine that. You also offer crime dinners in English. Which specific characteristics and values are particularly important to you in order to distinguish yourself from the competition?

I think we are the only ones who perform a Crime Dinner predominantly for companies in English. The intention, as with the German-language performances, is to support team building or to increase the motivation of the employees.

It’s great that you also awaken the team spirit with your Crime Dinners. One year ago you integrated our evaluation seal on your website. Why did you decide to use the AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG seal of approval?

First of all, for a very practical reason: The guest ratings of AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG are immediately visible on our website for potential or interested customers. And in the case of a negative evaluation I have a partner at my side with AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG, who supports me in finding an amicable solution with the customer.

We like to hear that. What expectations and goals do you associate with using AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG?

I think it is quite good that evaluations from different evaluation providers are collected and brought together. In my opinion, this makes the overall evaluation picture more objective.

Has the customer feedback already helped you to optimize your events?

Yes, it has. Positive reviews make us proud, but that doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels. And they motivated us for our work. I take criticism seriously and discuss it with my actors. We then look together at what is possible or what makes sense to change something.

Dear Mr. Dietze, thank you very much for the interview! We wish you all the best for the future.