Excellent.org introduces part of the team, on the picture you can see the bitmojis of the employees who are introduced

Behind the scenes: The EXCELLENT.ORG Team – Part 3

And it’s that time again and we are now already presenting the 3rd part of the team behind EXCELLENT.ORG.

If you haven’t read the last part of the team introduction yet, here are a few quick facts:

On our Instagram account, we started a social media series last year to introduce you to our EXCELLENT.ORG team. There, we show you how we all found our way to our beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg and introduce individual colleagues in our great team. So that you can also take a little look behind the scenes on our corporate blog, we would now like to implement this here as well.

In order to get a good impression in as short a time as possible, we always ask everyone from our team the same 5 questions:

1. what makes you special?
2. what do you enjoy most about your job?
3. who would you like to swap jobs with for a day?
4. after work: what do you do when you are not in the office?
5. if you had 3 wishes: What would they be?

We also create a mood board for each person according to their hobbies and preferences. This reflects, for example, favorite color and song as well as a travel destination and some hobbies. Feel free to browse through the respective pictures and get to know the faces behind EXCELLENT.ORG.

This week we introduce you to Lena, Benni and Mats.

LENA – Human Resources

This week we start with Lena. With her degree in communication sciences, she rocks the human resources management at our company and is the good soul at EXCELLENT.ORG. With her loving nature, Lena permanently ensures #onlygoodvibes in the team – and sometimes she even likes to do so with a yoga class.

Always at her side is her faithful companion Janosch. 🐕
In her free time, she likes to go to concerts, festivals or explore the world. Since her love for nature and the mountains has never been lost here in the north, she is drawn back to the south from time to time to give free rein to her wanderlust.

5 questions for Lena:

1. What distinguishes you?

I love animals. I would love to have a whole zoo at home. And I love yoga. When I’m not practicing myself, I teach in the morning before or in the evening after work. I also like to be with my friends in nature and at festivals.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with our great team, the contact with many exciting people and the freedom to implement my own ideas.

3. Who would you like to swap jobs with for a day?

With the drummer from the Foo Fighters.

4. After work: what do you do when you’re not in the office?

First of all I go out with my dog and romp around. Then either yoga or meeting friends. Or all of the above: Yoga with dog and friends in nature.

5. If you had 3 wishes free: What would they be?

Even if it sounds pathetic: Peace, water and food for all living beings and the ban of animal testing worldwide.

Lena’s Mood Board:

Excellent.org presents the human resources manager, the picture shows the mood board with the hobbies and preferences of the employee


Benni is one of the two CEOs at AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG and EXCELLENT.ORG. As a coastal child from the Baltic Sea, he was drawn back to the water, to the Elbe in Hamburg, after studying business administration in Duisburg.

Benni likes to listen to rock and pop music. But listening is not all he does, because he also plays drums in a band. He finds a quiet balance by going for a walk with his Labrador dog Lotte or he likes to relax on the couch watching movies or sports and music documentaries.

When he does get the urge to do something, Benni likes to ride his bike. After a long bike ride, he naturally has to eat something tasty – preferably a nice portion of pasta or a juicy burger. Benni also likes to toast with a glass of wine with his girlfriend – until the NFL season starts… because then it’s: „Go Green Bay Packers!

5 questions for Benni:

1. What distinguishes you?

I would say I can organize myself quite well, think through processes, analyze possible problems and find solutions for them.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?

Thinking through ideas and developing procedures, processes, features and products from them. Of course, this also involves exchanging ideas with internal and external teams.

 3. Who would you like to swap jobs with for a day?3.

With any drummer who plays at a really big festival. Just no hit songs, please. 😜

4. After work: What do you do when you’re not in the office?

Walking with my dog Lotte, spending time with my girlfriend, playing drums, listening to music, reading books, riding my bike, Netflixing and drinking red wine.

5. If you had 3 wishes free: What would they be?

Health and happiness, more consideration and acceptance in the world, and a detached house 😉 .

Benni’s Mood Board:

Excellent.org introduces one of the two CEOs, the picture shows the mood board with the hobbies and preferences of the CEO

MATS – Internationalization & Awards (Working Student)

Mats is studying e-commerce and is responsible for driving internationalization in our team. He also puts his heart and soul into taking care of the top awards for our customers.

When he’s not on the soccer field with his team, he likes to hang out with friends. He likes to listen to Schlager and most of all in Mallorca. Even though Mats is more the sporty type, he enjoys a sweet Nutella sandwich or a hearty burger from time to time.

5 questions for Mats:

1. What makes you stand out?

I would say my positive and relaxed nature. I’m not easily rattled by anything.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?

Since I’m still a student and don’t have much practical experience yet, I’m always happy to learn new things and gain as many different insights as possible.

3. Who would you like to swap jobs with for a day?

Mickie Krause.

4. After work: what do you do when you’re not in the office?

Definitely a lot of sports, especially soccer and fitness. Of course I also like to do all kinds of things with my girlfriend or friends.

5. If you had 3 wishes: What would they be?

To stay healthy, to see many exciting places and free drinks at Bierkönig for life.

Mats‘ Mood Board:

We hope you enjoyed this little insight and that you were able to get to know a part of our team a little better. Since our team consists of many more great people, the next part will not be long in coming. And also then it is called again: 5 questions to…