Basic Knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the network and also in everyday work, it is often about the term SEO. But what is that anyway? Why is it important? And how can you use SEO to win more and more customers for your own online shop?

What is SEO?

The acronym SEO stands for the English term Search Engine Optimization, in German Search Engine Optimization.Search engine optimization includes all the measures that are used to edit and optimize pages on the Internet so that they are displayed ahead in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.
For example, if you run an online shop for drills and optimize it for search engines (ie operate SEO), your online shop will be shown to potential customers further up the Google search results, for example when they google for the search term „buy a drill online“.

Why is search engine optimization important?

Some are now wondering why search engine optimization is so important. It used to work without it. – The reason is quite simple: more and more purchases are being made online and the number of online shops continues to increase dramatically. As a result, it is necessary for companies operating online to differentiate themselves from the competition in the world of online shopping and to win over as many of their customers as possible before the competition can do so. Who is still doing the online hopping work today to scour several pages of Google results for a suitable online shop? To be honest, we are all the same lazy in this regard and, in most cases, order from one of the online stores we found on the first page of Google results. Not only do you, but also your potential customers.Therefore, it pays to invest time and money in the search engine optimization of your online shop. That’s the only way your online shop has the chance to appear on the first page or even the first page of Google results and be noticed by as many potential customers as possible.

 How does search engine optimization work?

First of all, it has to be said that nobody knows for sure how the algorithms of the different search engines work. In addition, the algorithms of Google, Yahoo and Co. are repeatedly changed and modified, so there is no universal solution to the question of how an online shop can manage to land on # 1 of the Google results.
The various search engines keep their algorithms secret so that the results of their search engines can not be falsified to the detriment of the users by more or less useless pages exaggerated efforts to search engine optimization, in the search engine results are displayed far ahead, but offer the user no added value ,
However, there are a few factors and measures where the experts are largely sure that they affect the ranking of a website in the various search engines. These can be subdivided into OnPage and OffPage optimization.

OnPage Optimization

OnPage optimization is used when optimization measures are performed directly with regard to the content on the page . As part of OnPage optimization, a technical search engine optimization (Technical SEO) as well as the optimization of the content (English „Content“).
As part of the technical search engine optimization is about eliminating or at least reducing barriers that prevent the Internet user from staying on the appropriate website for a long time. For example, these barriers include long load times and technical errors that interfere with the flawless display of the website.
With regard to the content search engine optimization, those terms (English „keywords“) are incorporated on a website, in the search of which the website should be found on Google or another search engine.
OnPage optimization is not just about arbitrarily integrating keywords into text, such as product descriptions.Instead, OnPage optimization should be systematic, taking into account various policies. So there are various „rules“ for selecting the right keywords and guidelines for how these keywords should then be integrated into the text, image captions, page titles, etc., to allow the best possible ranking in the search engines. For example, the relevant keywords should make up a percentage of the total number of words in a text, the keywords should appear in the headlines and in the URL of a website, etc. If the rules of SEO are observed and applied, the search engines will recognize the „read“ Website that the website is relevant to a specific query. As a result, the website is displayed high in the results of the search engine.

OffPage optimization

OffPage optimization is the optimization that does not take place directly on the website .
OffPage Optimization is about improving the ranking of a website through link building. Link building is about creating backlinks. One speaks of a backlink, if from another website on the own Onlineshop is linked. For example, if a fashion blogger mentions the corresponding online shop in a blog post and integrates the link of the online shop into the article, it is an advantage for the ranking of a fashion online shop with regard to off page optimization.
In addition to the quality of the page, which links to an online shop, it is also important that the two websites fit together thematically. Google recognizes this and considers links that are thematically little or nothing to do with each other to be of little relevance.


The search engine optimization (SEO) of a website includes many different aspects that have to be considered in order to achieve the best possible ranking in the most diverse search engines.
For an online shop to be recognized by the search engines as a relevant website, both an OnPage and an OffPage optimization should take place.
Although the entire optimization of a website is associated with a lot of time and work, but this investment is worthwhile: Because most people looking for online shopping only on the first page of search engine results for an online shop. In order for your shop to be displayed here and thus reach many potential customers, it is necessary for you as a shop owner to optimize the online shop for search engines.