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6 Ways to Reach more sales prospects

In order to remain successful as a business, it is not only a satisfied regular customers to maintain, but it must constantly be enthusiastic new customers of their own performance. It is no secret that reaching new customers is more time-consuming than the commitment of an existing clientele. New customer acquisition is often easier said than done. That’s why in today’s blog post we’ve put together a mix of proven and unconventional tips on how to reach more potential customers.

SEO and SEA: Make it easier for those interested to find you online

The Internet offers a growing pool of potential customers every day. So it’s not surprising that companies are calling online activities when it comes to taking action to attract new customers. Consumers shop online more than ever and search the Web for information to make their purchasing decisions. And almost every one of these searches starts on an online search engine. Being found on one of the first sites at Google & Co. is and remains essential for companies to reach as many customers as possible. The right strategies for search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) are the most important tools to actually be found by interested parties. We have already explained in detail how to increase the organic reach of your website with SEO. A further way to a better ranking are the paid ads in the search engines. As the clear market leader, Google’s ads are particularly important here. By selecting relevant search terms and regional filters, ads can target exactly the audience that is relevant to your business, and avoid wastage – as in traditional advertising. Crucial to successful search engine advertising are as accurate keywords as possible, an ad text that solves the concrete problem of the searcher, the exact link to a qualitative product page and – probably the most important point – a continuous performance control. The algorithms of the search engines change, like the searcher behavior of the consumers, constantly – therefore the care and advancement of the own SEO and SEA strategy is crucial also for more experienced on-line shops for the new customer acquisition.

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Win new customers through online platforms

SEO and SEA is about building and expanding the reach of your own website. A measure to increase reach, which turns the tables so to speak, is the use of e-commerce platforms that already have a large amount of site visitors.That means being active on the internet right there, where your customers are already on the go anyway. Above all, here are the online marketplaces Amazon.de and Ebay.de to name, with about 1.6 billion (Amazon.de) and 835 million. Visitors (Ebay.de) [1] offer an enormous range, the can not reach an online store alone. In addition, Amazon and Ebay are after Google the first point of contact for consumers in the search for products on the Internet [2] . By offering their own products in one of the marketplaces, a large number of customers can be picked up directly in their search phase. No wonder that selling via online platforms and marketplaces is the most popular way for German companies to reach new customers.

Another way to increase customer reach through external websites is price comparison portals. Customers like to save – especially the Germans . On websites such as Billiger.de or Idealo.de, customers can search for a specific product and compare the various conditions. Those who use these pages as a customer usually already have a large part of the search and information phase behind them – that makes a conversion much more likely. The fact that price comparison portals are worthwhile for the acquisition of new customers is shown by a traffic analysis by Pepper.de: In 2017, the 10 most popular online shops in Germany won 22% of their customers through price comparison portals [3] . In order to be listed as an online provider on such a comparison portal, special test criteria must be met and a fee, usually in the form of pay per click, is due.

The classic: vouchers for new customer acquisition

Almost 80% of Germans have already become aware of a previously unknown product or service through a voucher. In addition to the classic supermarket shopping vouchers are particularly popular with customers for fashion and accessories, beauty products and leisure activities. For companies in these areas, coupon promotions are worth twice. In order for a coupon to reach consumers who have not previously bought in their own shop, the correct placement of the coupon is particularly important. For example, vouchers are an effective marketing tool in the newsletter, but usually only reach existing customers. So to address potential customers, the integration of a banner offers directly on the website. A discount exclusively for new customers can be the impulse that converts the site visitor to the customer. Likewise, new customer rebates can be packaged in sweepstakes via social media.Linking and sharing your own followers will also reach potential prospects who are not yet familiar with your company. In addition to these digital variants, vouchers can also be sent by analogy in the form of a package supplement. The advantage here is that a rough target group is already determined when selecting the partner shop for the supplement. This way, vouchers can be distributed particularly accurately.

Existing customers as advertising ambassadors

Turn existing customers into advertising ambassadors

The most effective way to convince potential customers of your business is to honestly recommend already acquired customers. However, a satisfied customer alone is not a promotional message. Even if your clients would highly recommend your company in theory, that does not mean that they will do so in practice. It is in the nature of man to quickly accept positive experiences as a matter of course, while negative experiences are more perceived and shared. Therefore, it makes sense to actively ask your customers for your opinion – a request that also meets the majority of customers [6] . Share the positive experiences of your customers in the form of reviews, testimonials or demo tests on your own website or on the social media. This creates confidence in your business and page visitors become new customers. At the same time, your existing customers are actively thinking about what they like about their company – so an offline recommendation via word-of-mouth propaganda becomes more likely. As a further incentive, you can also give a small reward for the recommendation to friends and family. For example, say thank you to your customers with 10% on the next purchase, if a recommendation is a new customer won. A win-win situation for you and your customers.

Offline attention through pop-up stores

Although online marketing is becoming increasingly important, the offline world also offers worthwhile measures to gain brand awareness. A particularly innovative approach here are so-called pop-up stores. Especially for online pure players, ie companies that normally offer their products and services only over the internet, such an offline action can offer a considerable push of attention and reach. The advantage of a time-limited pop-up store is the lower financial risk compared to a brick-and-mortar store, as there are no long-term rental commitments.

Due to this limited duration of pop-up stores, it is even more important to attract the interest of potential customers in the short opening time. Popular pop-up stores are therefore particularly popular with creative and unique products. But the design of the store itself can also attract attention. Actions that have nothing to do with the actual sale, such as catering, celebrity guests, concerts or games provide for curiosity among passers-by. Pop-up stores are not primarily about higher sales, but about increasing brand awareness. A particularly interesting or exclusive pop-up store is often shared on the Internet – so the action on social media to self-run. [7]

Rebel Popup Store

Pop Up Store by REBELLE

Guerilla Marketing – unconventional actions with a surprise effect

The big obstacle of many advertising measures is the limited attention of the consumers. Often classic range enlargement actions miss their target due to sensory overload of the target audience. A concept to penetrate into the consciousness of the customers, however, is the guerrilla marketing – a particularly unconventional and creative way of advertising. The name borrowed from the guerrilla warfare, a tactic that relies on success atypical actions from the hidden with small troop size. When applied to marketing, a guerrilla action has a great impact on the media at a comparatively small financial expense. This makes this form of marketing particularly interesting for start-ups and mid-sized companies. The goal of a guerilla campaign is to break through classical patterns of perception and to arouse strong emotions in order to remain in the memory in the long term. Possible actions are:

  • Advertising in unusual places (eg bar toilets)
  • Public productions (eg Flash mobs in the pedestrian zone)
  • Unofficial actions around major events
  • Skillful exploitation of weaknesses of large competitors (eg denouncing discount meat products by small butcher operation)
  • Viral Marketing (eg Ice Bucket Challenge by ALS)

Guerilla marketing actions live off the customer’s reaction. Only when the message provokes curiosity, surprise or amusement, it is spread via word-of-mouth propaganda and social media and unfolds its full effect. In order to achieve the required attention and reach, careful planning and above all a great deal of creativity is required.


In particular, the Internet offers companies enormous potential to reach new customers. At the same time, however, the number of online retailers is increasing and so is competition for consumers‘ limited attention. So that you still reach as many customers as possible, it makes sense to rely on a combination of proven acquisition techniques with new, innovative approaches. Ultimately, the acquisition of new customers requires careful analysis of the target group, a clear strategy and the right amount of creativity.

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