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4 colorful social media campaigns for Easter

Easter is just around the corner. The feast with the sweet bunnies, which traditionally marks the end of Lent for many people, offers a colorful playground for campaigns on social media platforms. EXCELLENT.ORG shows you which campaigns you can use to give yourself and your subscribers an Easter treat.

#1 Easter raffle

Sweepstakes are always a beautiful thing. They increase reach, promote customer loyalty and leave a positive impression. Holidays are very appealing to hold a sweepstakes here. And in keeping with Easter, it makes sense to provide a gift basket or similar as a prize, for example. With bright colors and festive elements associated with the holiday, you can bring a breath of fresh air into your customers‘ feeds at the start of spring and attract attention. Depending on the target audience and motivation, different options are available: With a puzzle or question-and-answer game, you can appeal to your customers‘ play instinct and thus motivate them to participate. Do you want to build up a higher reach? Then make it a condition of participation that a comment is left under the post. This way you increase the interactions on your posts.

#2 Easter egg hunt

Similar to a puzzle game, but perfectly timed for Easter, is a digital Easter egg hunt. Letting the kids search for chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies in the backyard is a common Easter tradition. With a little work, you can also implement the whole thing on your web, Instagram or Facebook page to bring back memories. Colorful Easter eggs, small bunnies or yet a completely different motif simply include in various posts or on various subpages of your website. Alternatively, you can post a small video or record funny stories hiding such. The motivation is of course to find all the icons, as a reward there is a product or a discount code. The advantage for you? The dwell time on your pages increases significantly, which also brings an advantage SEO-wise, especially on your website.

#3 Behind the Scenes

Speaking of traditions: How does your team celebrate Easter? A look behind the scenes can show you how Easter is celebrated in your own company. Does everyone do it at all? And how does the celebration actually differ among team members? If you don’t feel like it, simply turn the tables and explain where Easter and its customs actually come from and how they are celebrated in other cultures and countries. A look behind the Easter scenes, so to speak. This is not only informative, but also more appealing than the often very similar Easter contributions that one usually sees. The whole thing can be rounded off beautifully with nice Easter greetings.

#4 Easter countdown and discounts

Last but not least, there is the variant of the Easter countdown. Similar to an Advent calendar, but not limited to the number 24. Whether they take 5, 6 or 12 days is up to you. The beauty of this countdown is that you offer your subscribers something new every day, which invites them to visit your site every day and, at best, even interact with it. The daily posts or stories can offer various things. This doesn’t have to be anything material, but can be a discount code, a Q&A action, a Behind the Scenes or something similar. You only set limits for yourself. You can also combine the Easter countdown with other actions. Be it with a puzzle that has to be solved over the days or a big lottery at Easter. The only important thing here is continuity. With a countdown, you set the expectation that something will happen every day – you have to fulfill this expectation.


No matter whether traditional Easter posting or try something new: Easter opens up many possibilities to offer variety to your customers. The beauty: the colorful theme can be combined with almost any color concept and fits into any feed, which is often perfectly matched, especially on Instagram. You choose the amount of work yourself. Whether just one Easter greeting or the whole palette combined – no matter how you decide, nothing stands in the way of the digital Easter.

With this in mind, EXCELLENT.ORG wishes you a wonderful Easter!

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