Excellent.org celebrates Halloween and gives tips for content marketing

3 last minute tips for Halloween

Are you prepared for tomorrow when it’s trick-or-treating again? Have you thought about the candy for the kids when they ring your doorbell in their costumes? Have you perhaps even brought to life a gruesome pumpkin spirit that now shines at your door?

Or have you even decided to ignore Halloween this year? Not to open the door and make yourself comfortable on the couch with a good book or a scary movie? Also nice. But in case you’re wondering if you shouldn’t have given your website at least a little Halloween feeling – here are three last minute tips for your digital Halloween.

Tip 1: Adapt decoration and actions to your target group

Especially young people love Halloween. But do they also visit your website? Take another look at your target group and your products – how much scary atmosphere do your customers need? What becomes too much? Not every website benefits from this trend from the USA. Maybe you even decide, after looking at your target group, that you want to completely abandon this relatively young trend.

But if you have a rather younger clientele, then don’t be afraid to put your social media channels in a scary mood in addition to your website. And be sure to include your fans and followers. Ask which Halloween movie is the best, which costume is the scariest or how your target group prefers to celebrate this scary day.

Tip 2: Integrate matching images

Excellent.org celebrates Halloween and gives tips for content marketing

Since Halloween is only one day long, you don’t have to rework your whole website. A few highlights are enough. How about a creepy motif on the start page, for example? Or dip your website in a dark orange. Even a pop-up when opening your website with a picture of a pumpkin ghost and a Halloween greeting will put your visitors in the right mood.

Maybe you create a Halloween special – which of your products or services are particularly suitable to be offered at a lower price or in an attractive product set on this special day?

Or you can display a discount code for this day. Every customer who places an order on Halloween receives a discount. Alternatively maybe a voucher for the next order. Be creative, Halloween should be fun and most of all it should bring joy to you and your customers.

Do you still have some stickers from last year? Then don’t hesitate to put the pumpkins, witches and vampires on the Halloween packages to your customers. They will still be happy about the decoration of your delivery days later.

Tip 3: Send out a newsletter

Draw attention to your actions. How? The best way is through a newsletter and of course through social media. Your newsletter is best decorated with a Halloween-style header image and then tell your subscribers what to expect on your website on that day. Maybe you’ll also tell an exciting story about the Halloween custom, or give some insight into your company and how you celebrate the day. Or would you like to come up with some fun facts about the topic?

In any case: Don’t put yourself under pressure – the newsletter doesn’t have to be long and extensive. The main thing is that it draws readers to your website.


We wish everyone a scary Halloween time.