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14 gift ideas for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, 05-10. So it’s high time to think about a gift for the best mum in the world. Since flowers and chocolates might get a little boring every year, we took a look around our customers and looked for special gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Today we present our 14 favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas. We hope you enjoy browsing and giving presents!

1. Practical and beautiful for mums with green thumbs

Mother’s Day falls this year only one week before the beginning of spring – the favourite time for all garden lovers. So why not give away something useful and at the same time beautiful for gardening? We have selected two shops for all mums with green thumbs. With practical planting accessories, decorative ornaments and even entire greenhouses, British Garden offers everything a gardener’s heart desires. Especially beautiful for Mother’s Day, we think: A practical tool basket in a romantic country house design. So the dream of the perfect English garden can be fulfilled in style right on your own doorstep.

2. A personal snack garden

Plant packages from the bedding friends are the ideal gift for mothers who have always wanted to turn their own garden or balcony into a little land of plenty. The plant kits contain approx. 4-6 carefully dressed plant pots according to organic standards, which can be planted immediately on your own balcony or garden. Depending on the selection, the anticipation can then begin for the first harvest of your own strawberries, tomatoes, early vegetables, herbs or even edible flowers.

3. Energy for the whole year with a coffee subscription from HappyCoffee

Being a mum is a full-time job – it can sometimes be quite exhausting. A good cup of coffee can often work wonders for regaining energy. HappyCoffee offers the perfect gift for coffee lovers with their coffee subscription. Here the presentee can look forward to freshly roasted coffee in organic and fair trade quality all year round. Aromatic coffee enjoyment with a clear conscience, delivered directly to your front door!

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4. The classic for Mother’s Day: a jewel

It is not for nothing that jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day. A personally selected piece of jewellery expresses appreciation and brings joy to the recipient again and again. If you are looking for a very special piece, you will certainly find it at Schmuckshopping.de. In the shop you will find a large selection of unusual watches, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings of well-known brands. And: For an even more personal touch, many of the pieces of jewellery can be engraved on request.

5. High quality care products for the personal beauty program

Almost all mothers are guilty of one thing: they take too little time for themselves. So why not use a high-quality care product as an incentive to do something good for yourself? AS-Beauty offers everything you need for your very personal beauty program. In the online shop you can filter according to 7 different skin types – so you are guaranteed to find your new favourite skin care product.

6. Natural cosmetics from Greendoor

Another tip for gifts on the subject of care and cosmetics: Greendoor-Naturkosmetik.de. The shop follows the motto „naturally beautiful“ and offers organic and vegan natural cosmetics from the in-house manufacture. No matter if body, face or hair care – all products do without artificial additives and are 100% natural. And the packaging is also designed to be environmentally friendly. Our gift tip: A perfectly coordinated care set for a natural pampering programme that leaves nothing to be desired.

7. A common wellness time out with Spa-dich-Fit

Every mom needs a break. So let’s go on a relaxing vacation together! Spa-dich-Fit offers countless possibilities for a relaxing short trip away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From luxury wellness to last minute and wellness for the small purse, the website offers the right relaxation programme for everyone. Especially practical: with the printable wellness voucher, the wellness trip can be planned individually and together.

8. Relaxation at home with online yoga classes

YogaEasy.de provides relaxation within your own four walls. Yoga helps to balance the stressful everyday life and keeps body and mind fit. With the courses of YogaEasy this is easy and possible at any time from home. The online yoga school offers over 700 professional exercise videos and training programs – for beginners to advanced students. Give your mother her own personal time to relax and be with her.

9. Scented candles to feel good

Pleasant candle flickering and your personal favourite scent flows through the room – and the perfect feel-good atmosphere is ready. With scented candles you can immediately create special moods and at the same time they can be a decorative eye-catcher. In our opinion, this makes them the perfect Mother’s Day gift. To find the perfect room fragrance, our tip is Duftwert.de. Whether fresh, flowery or woody – in the online shop you can find scented candles in every imaginable aroma and design.

10. Wall tattoos suitable for Mother’s Day

Our next tip: Wall tattoos from Universumsum.de. From playful flower tendrils to modern triangular patterns and your favourite quotation, you can browse through a huge selection of different motifs on the website. The tattoos are quick and easy to apply and immediately give every room a personal touch. Ideal for mums with a permanent decoration fever.

11. Creative home accessories from Matches21

Decorative remains our next tip. Matches21 is a small paradise for fans of creative interior design and modern living accessories. Two of our favourites for Mother’s Day: a new set of cups for the shared coffee klatch or a colourful doormat that puts you in a good mood every time you go in and out.  

12. Unique porcelain and glassware from AlteSerien.de

Our next gift suggestion is a real insider tip for collectors and fans of old porcelain, cutlery or glassware. At AlteSerien.de you will find discontinued classics and discontinued series from over 100 manufacturers from Germany and all over the world. If you want to surprise your mother with an extension for her beloved tea service or give away a piece of traditional table culture, you will definitely find something here.

13.  Wallets for Mother’s Day

Purses are a much-used everyday object, where it is quickly overlooked that the good piece of merchandise probably has its best days already behind it. A nice, new wallet is therefore a great gift for Mother’s Day, guaranteed to bring joy every day. The real expert for practical money keepers is Geldboerse-online.de. The shop caters to every preference with a wide variety of designs and versions. Only one thing is the same for all wallets: they are made of high quality leather and are constantly checked for their craftsmanship.

14. Mother-child gift idea

Our last gift tip is for all those who would like to give a present to expectant or newly born mothers: A cute partner look set from Little Kings. The shop produces individual children’s and ladies‘ fashion in lovingly handcrafted fashion and many of the colourful patterns are used in the designs for both big and small. So mummy and child can celebrate Mother’s Day in a coordinated outfit.                                                                    

We hope our gift ideas for Mother’s Day could provide some inspiration for the gift search for 10.05 and wish all presenters and recipients a wonderful Mother’s Day 2020!